Cisco MGX 8200 Series Edge Concentrators

Field Notice 980731: AX-IMATM-8E1/B and AX-IMATM-8T1/B Resets After Executing addaimgrp Command

August 5, 1998

Bug Details

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Released Product Change Notice (RCN): R98-1061

Products Affected

AX-IMATM-8T1/B and AX-IMATM-8E1/B with firmware 4.0.12 or earlier and hardware version "AC" or earlier.

Problem Description

A reset problem is observed with both the AX-IMATM-8T1/B and AX-IMATM-8E1/B when executing the addaimgrp command. The AX-IMATM-8E1/B or AX-IMATM-8T1/B card continues to reset, resulting in data loss. This problem is rarely observed and found only in IMATM/B hardware versions "AB" and "AC".

Problem Symptoms

The most apparent symptom to the operator is observed in the MGX 8220 dsplog records and in the HPOV Event Log. In both instances, "card removed" and "card re-insert" messages are logged. Network users routed through the AX-IMATM trunk groups may notice application timeouts and data retransmissions or slower-than-normal response times caused by the resets, or in the worst case, users may not be able to access remote network resources.


This problem is resolved by upgrading both hardware and firmware. The hardware version containing the fix is revision "AD" for both the AX-IMATM-8E1/B and the AX-IMATM-8T1/B. The new minimum firmware revision for both IMATM/B models is 4.0.13; the minimum boot code version is 4.0.01. It is not necessary to upgrade the AX-ASC or AX-ASC2 firmware provided the firmware on these cards is a version of 4.0. Both the hardware version and the firmware version must be at the levels described above to effect a complete fix for this problem.

Identifying the AX-IMATM-8E1/B or AX-IMATM-8T1/B Revision Level

Visually inspect the AX-IMATM-8E1/B or AX-IMATM-8T1/B for the following markings listed in the table below:

Table 1: Versions of Modules Prone to Reset Problem

Model Number

800 Level Assembly #

73 (PCA) Level Assembly #







If the card under inspection has markings equal to or lower than the above card, the AX-IMATM-8E1/B or AX-IMATM-8T1/B should be upgraded according to the table below:

Table 2: Versions of Modules Not Prone to Reset Problem

Model Number

800 Level Assembly #

73 (PCA) Level Assembly #







Use the command line interface (CLI) to verify the hardware revision with the the cc <slot#> command:

axis1.1.3.ASC.a > cc 7 
axis1.1.7.IMATM.s >   <<--- Notice slot number ".7" and card type ".IMATM".

Next, issue the dspcd command and observe the following display:

  ModuleSlotNumber:          7 
  FunctionModuleState:       Mismatch 
  FunctionModuleType:        IMATM-8T1/B 
  FunctionModuleSerialNum:   694067 
  FunctionModuleHWRev:       ac   <<--- Notice revision "ac". This revision and revision "ab" are prone to CSCdk09497.

  FunctionModuleFWRev:       4.0.09    <<--- Notice revision "4.0.09". This firmware must be 4.0.13 or later. 

  FunctionModuleResetReason: Reset by ASC from PIO 
  LineModuleType:            Missing 
  LineModuleState:           Not Present 
  mibVersionNumber:          20 
  configChangeTypeBitMap:    CardCnfChng, LineCnfChng 
  cardIntegratedAlarm:       Clear 
  HighSpeedInterfaceType:    T3 
  fab number:                28-2160-01 
axis1.1.7.IMATM.s > 


A power reset of the AX-IMATM-8E1/B or the AX-IMATM-8T1/B may clear this problem.

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