Cisco IGX 8400 Series Switches

Field Notice: 84-002 CPYICT Caveat in Versions 8.1, 8.2, and 8.4

October 17, 1997


This field notice explains the CPYICT caveat found in versions 8.1.26 through 8.4.12.

CPYICT stands for "CoPY Interface Control Template." This command can be used on the following ports to set up how the EIA leads on those ports will behave when the port is in active or failed mode:

  • Frame Relay Module (FRM)

  • Frame Relay PAD (FRP)

  • Sychronous Data PAD (SDP)

  • High-speed Data Module (HDM)

  • Low-speed Data PAD (LDP)

  • Low-speed Data Module (LDM)

RCN Number

Not applicable.

Products Affected

IPX and IGX nodes equipped with FRPs and FRMs, respectively.

Problem Description

Using the CPYICT command to copy an FRP or FRM interface control template from one card to another results in a 1000003 abort, which causes the active processor to switch. Executing the CPYICT command twice in a short period of time (25 minutes) may result in a nodal rebuild.


Do not use the CPYICT command to configure FRP or FRM ports. Instead, use the CNFICT command to manually configure each port's control interface template.


A workaround is not available at this time.

Bug ID

Note: If you are a registered user and you have logged in, you can view bug details, which fully describe the nature of the problem:

  • Bug ID: CSCdj49869-CPYICT on FRM V.35 ports causes 1M3 (1000003) aborts, 2M aborts

Node aborts with a 1M3 (1000003) after entering the source port for the CPYICT command. The initial 1M3 abort may be followed by additional 1M3 aborts, 2M aborts, and swerr 514s, all of which indicate memory corruption. In some releases, a CLRCNF may be required to bring the node back online.


Do not use the CPYICT command to configure FRP or FRM ports.

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