Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)

Field Notice: Call Forwarding Failure After a Cisco CallManager 4.x Unexpected Shutdown

April 19, 2005

Products Affected

  • Cisco CallManager - 4.0(x)

  • Cisco CallManager - 4.1(X)

Problem Description

IP Phone users are no longer able to enable or disable Call Forward All (CFA) following an unexpected shutdown of any Cisco CallManager servers in a cluster.


After several reports of CFA failures, Cisco engineering has determined the root cause. It was found that the connection between the process that monitors local database changes and the CallManager process fails to synchronize following an unexpected server disconnect/restart.

The end user CFA changes made during the outage remains only on the local database as a result of the failure. And any phones that tried to change their CFA state during the server downtime will not synchronize with the CallManager processes even after the server link is re-established.

Problem Symptoms

In order for IP phones to be affected, two conditions must be met. First, any Cisco CallManager server in a cluster must be disconnected or in an unexpected failure state for more then XXXX minutes. Second, an end user changes their CFA configuration during the outage.

Identification of the first problem (server communication failure) is made by looking in the Application Event Viewer on all nodes for an Error message from CallManager. This message should state that an SDL connection to one or more nodes went out of service (OOS).

And secondly by reports from user community stating they are unable to enable or disable CFA from their IP phones.


A programmatic fix is currently being tested for all Cisco CallManager 4.x releases.

Manual synchronization process:

Restarting the Database Layer Monitor service on publisher in the cluster should recover the connection. This is not service impacting.

Note: Following restoration of the Database Layer Monitoring service the CFA information for IP phones that updated during the outage will remain in the CallManager cached memory. To fix this, administrators or individual users could go through CCM Administration page or CCM User pages to change the CFA under the affected line to a different destination. Then they should change it back to original value. The phone should display the correct CFA information and calls should be routed appropriately.


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCsa64684 (registered customers only)

Change Notify stops working due to bug in TcpLib

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