Cisco ONS 15600 Series

Field Notice: ONS 15600 - Deleting CISCO15 User ID May Cause Database Out-Of-Synch Issues

February 1, 2005

Products Affected

Products Affected

15600 - ONS 15600

15600-R1.1.1SWCD= - R1.1.1

Problem Description

If a customer deletes the CISCO15 user id from the 15600 CTC Management interface, database synchronization will be interrupted. Without database synchronization, a 15600 TSC switch can result in traffic loss. A protection switch such as Bidirectional Line Switched Ring (BLSR) or 1+1 is not affected by a database out of sync condition.

This may result in interruptions for that traffic routed through the network element (NE).


In software release 1.1.1, the FTP mechanism used to copy the database file between the active and standby TSC requires the use of a default user, namely CISCO15, to work correctly.

Problem Symptoms

Database synchronization between the active and standby TSC will stop if the default user, CISCO15, is removed from the system.


Downgrade the account to RTRV permission, and change its password from the default.

This bug is resolved in ONS 15600 release R1.1.2.


To follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered user and you must be logged in.



CSCef06010 (registered customers only)

Database syncs stop if default user is removed

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