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Field Notice: Catalyst 6500 Content Switching Module (WS-X6066-SLB-APC) Requires a Minimum Version of 3.1.4 Content Switching Module (CSM) Software in Order to be Recognized by a Sup720

December 03, 2004

Products Affected

  • L4TO7 - WS-X6066-SLB-APC

  • L4TO7 - WS-X6066-SLB-APC =

Problem Description

The Sup720 requires the Content Switching Module (WS-X6066-SLB-APC) to be running version CSM software version 3.1.4 or later in order to be recognized.


The Sup720 required software changes in the CSM software in order for the Chassis to boot the card. These changes went into version 3.1.4 and later of the CSM software.

Problem Symptoms

If a CSM (WS-X6066-SLB-APC) is running a version of CSM software prior to 3.1.4 it will not be recognized by show command on the Sup720. The module will not boot and will appear to be defective.


If the CSM is running a version of CSM software prior to 3.1.4 and another chassis is available that has a Supervisor module older than a Sup720, then the CSM should be loaded into the other chassis, upgraded to 3.1.4 or later and then inserted into the chassis with the Sup720.

If another chassis is not available with an older supervisor module, then the CSM will need to have a return materials authorization (RMA) created. At this time the Cisco Logistics depots have inventory with lower versions of the software, so to ensure that the replacement has 3.1.4 or later, the RMA will need to be set up for software configuration and specifiy the version that should be loaded and it will have to go through a Software Configuration Center. Requiring the module to go through the Software Configuration Center may delay the time it takes for the replacement part to arrive.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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