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Field Notice: Ensure Return Materials Authorization (RMA) NM-CUE= Gets Latest Software

March 31, 2004

Products Affected




Cisco Unity Express

Problem Description

There have been many improvements with regard to software changes that support the NM-CUE.

It is recommended that the software be upgraded to the latest 1.1.1 in order to take advantage of these improvements.

One major improvement is how the file system is handled in the case of a power outage to help prevent a possible database corruption resulting in a need to do a database restore.


The 1.0.x software has been improved upon to resolve many issues. The latest software that is being recommended is 1.1.1.

Problem Symptoms

One of the improvements will help with resolving a possible database corruption resulting with a non functional CUE.

See the release notes on this latest software for some of the improvements to this software release.


There is a software download on to allow you upgrade your software from 1.0.x to 1.1.1.

If you are going to create a return materials authorization (RMA) for an NM-CUE, you should ensure that you get the latest 1.1 software on the replacement part.

In order to download the latest 1.1 version of software or view the release notes, go to the Software Center (registered customers only) and find the Cisco Unity Express Software section.

If you are going to RMA an NM-CUE module and you need 1.1.1 on the replacement part, identify the RMA as HWWN to ensure you receive the latest hardware from the factory with the latest 1.1 software installed. Keep in mind that doing an RMA coded as HWWN may take a longer time for replacement versus doing a normal RMA. The lead time for replacement can be identified using the Lead Times Tool.

The purge of the depots may take up to 90 days from date of this field notice. If you require this software on your replacement part, code the RMA as stated above for this 90 day period.

Besides being able to download the latest software from, the following part number for a CD can be ordered, Part: CUE-CDSET-x.x.x=, where 'x.x.x' represents the latest software version that is published on This part number should be available approximately two weeks after this field notice is published.

For More Information

If you require further assistance, or if you have any further questions regarding this field notice, please contact the Cisco Systems Technical Assistance Center (TAC) by one of the following methods:

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