Cisco ONS 15454 Series Multiservice Provisioning Platforms

Field Notice 13271: ONS 15454 DS-1 Cable Pin-out User Documentation Contains Error

April 24, 2001

Products Affected




Cable Assy, AMP-WW, 30 FT


Cable Assy, AMP-WW, 50 FT


Cable Assy, AMP-WW, 100 FT


Cable Assy, AMP-WW, 250 FT

Problem Description

The Cisco ONS 15454 DS-1 cable pin-out configuration and user documentation do not match.


The Cisco ONS 15454 user documentaton, Section, and the Cisco ONS 15454 Quick Install Guide contain tables listing the AMP Champ pin-outs. These tables are in error. The pin call-out columns have been inadvertently swapped.

The cable is correct and has been built to the actual design specification documents.

Problem Symptoms

A review of the user documentation and the physical cable show they are not in agreement. Given that a cable tip and ring are a balanced pair, their operation should not be adversely affected.


The table in the online ONS 15454 user documentation has been corrected and is available for review/download at:

ONS 15454 User Documentation

For More Information

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