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Field Notice: AUSM-8 Hardware Revision AD and Later Not Compatible With 4.0.11 Firmware and Earlier

Revised August 22, 2002

August 15, 2002

Products Affected




Hardware revision AD or later with 4.0.11 or previous versions of firmware.


Hardware revision AD or later with 4.0.11 or earlier versions of firmware.

Problem Description

A hardware change was implemented on the AX-AUSM-8-E1 and AX-AUSM-8-T1 that resulted in a change to revision AD for these models. It was then found that firmware versions earlier than 4.0.14 were incompatible with the hardware revision AD and later of both the AX-AUSM-8-E1 and AX-AUSM-8-T1. It should be noted that the version of AX-AUSM-8-E1/-T1 firmware immediately preceding 4.0.14 is 4.0.11.

Problem Symptoms

The most observable symptom is that the AX-AUSM-8-E1/-T1 will not boot up to the active or standby state.


This problem was introduced with the fix for an AX-IMATM bug CSCdk09497.

If you are a registered CCO user and you have logged in, you can view bug details.

View CSCdk09497 (registered customers only)


Once the hardware revision AD (or later) AX-AUSM-8-E1/T1 card is reset with 4.0.11 firmware loaded, the card is unrecoverable in the field. In this instance, the card must be returned with a Return Material Authorization (RMA).

The best measure to protect against this situation is to visually inspect any card for the appropriate revision level before installing it into an MGX-8220 shelf operating at 4.0.11 or earlier. If the AX-AUSM-8-E1/T1 is observed to be hardware revision AD or later, do not install the card. At this point, the engineer may choose two workarounds:

  1. Upgrade the shelf to 4.0.13 or later (release 4.0.13 includes 4.0.14 for the AX-AUSM-8-E1/T1 firmware).


  2. Obtain an AX-AUSM-8-E1/T1 of hardware revision "AC" or earlier.

If the customer's needs permit, it is recommended to upgrade the MGX-8220 firmware to the latest version of firmware in order to take advantage the cumulative bug fixes.





IMATM8/B Reset problem.

How To Identify Hardware Levels

Go to the cc slot_number and issue the command dspcd. The following screen is returned:

ModuleSlotNumber:          8
FunctionModuleState:       Active
FunctionModuleType:        AUSM-8T1
FunctionModuleSerialNum:   772171
FunctionModuleHWRev:       ad         <--- "ad" is incompatible with 4.0.11 firware.
FunctionModuleFWRev:       4.0.14     <--- Firmware must be 4.0.14 or later for hardware "ad."
FunctionModuleResetReason: Reset by ASC from PIO
LineModuleType:            LM-RJ48-8T1
LineModuleState:           Present
mibVersionNumber:          20
configChangeTypeBitMap:    CardCnfChng, LineCnfChng
cardIntegratedAlarm:       Major
cardMajorAlarmBitMap:      Line Alarm
cardMinorAlarmBitMap:      Channel failure
fab number:                28-2160-01

axis1.1.8.AUSM8.a >

Note: The hardware revision and firmware revision in this example are compatible. However, had the firmware revision been 4.0.11 or earlier with hardware revision "ad," the AUSM-8 card would continue rebooting.

How To Upgrade Software

See the .

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