Configuring ISDN BRI for "Anlagenanschluss" in Germany

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Updated: Jan 29, 2008



This document provides information on how to configure ISDN BRI for "Anlagenanschluss" in Germany.



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Background Information

In Germany (and possibly in some other countries), local telephone companies offer an ISDN line called "Anlagenanschluss". This line, or very often a "hunt-group" of multiple lines, refers to a group of lines with the same subscriber number. Anlagenanschluss intends to connect only one ISDN device such as a private branch exchange (PBX).

Configure ISDN BRI for "Anlagenanschluss"

This section describes how you can use these ISDN lines on a Cisco router.

In order to use Anlagenanschluss on a Cisco router, configure the isdn static-tei 0 interface configuration command on the BRI interface(s) as shown here:

Router# configure terminal 
Router(config)# interface bri 0       
Router(config-if)# isdn static-tei 0 
Warning: Interface must be cleared after reconfiguring the TEI. 

!--- Issue the shutdown and no shutdown commands 
!--- to activate new TEI configuration.

Router (config-if)# shutdown      
Router (config-if)# no shutdown

Without the isdn static-tei 0 command, the ISDN Layer 2 status gets stuck in the "TEI_ASSIGNED" state, and the output of debug isdn q921 command repeats these two lines:

RX SABMEp c/r = 1 sapi = 0 tei = 0 
RX IDCKRQ ri = 0 ai = 0

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Updated: Jan 29, 2008
Document ID: 10225