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Encountering Difficulties Getting a Dial Tone when Pressing the Talk & Recall Button on the Cordless Internet Telephony Kit

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008



This article is one in a series to assist in the setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of Cisco Small Business products (formerly Linksys Business Series).

Q. What can I do if I'm not getting any dial tone when I press the Talk & Recall button of my wireless IP phone?


If you're not getting any dial tone when pressing the Talk & Recall (green handset) button, this means the base unit is not properly connected to the PC, the handset is too far from the base unit, or the battery is low (low battery icon is displayed). To resolve this, follow the instructions below.

Step 1:
Check the connections of the phone to the PC.

Step 2:
Move closer to the base unit to avoid any possible wireless interference.

Step 3:
Charge the battery. If the handset's battery charge runs low, a warning tone will emit from the handset. Place it on the charger to recharge the handset's battery.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2008
Document ID: 108712