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DCNM License Generation, Installation, and Assignment

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Updated: Sep 06, 2013

Contributed by Zaw Oo and David C Kester, Cisco TAC Engineers.



This document describes the procedure used in order to generate, install, and assign a Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) license.

License Placement and Generation

Note: The procedure described in this document is for DCNM-SAN Version 5.2. Reference the Cisco Install and Upgrade Guides article for the Cisco DCNM Installation and Licensing Guide Releases 5.x and 6.x, and for the Cisco DCNM Windows Installation Guide.

If you already have a license file for DCNM, then save the license file under C: > Program Files (x86) > Cisco Systems > dcm > licenses directory for Windows, and usr > local > cisco > dcm > licenses for Linux. Save the license file in the $INSTALLDIR > dcm > licenses folder.

If you do not already have a license file for DCNM, generate the DEMO license for DCNM from the Cisco Product License Registration article. You must have the MAC address of the DCNM server for license generation. In order to obtain the MAC address information, enter the ipconfig /all command from the Windows command prompt window, or the su -c /sbin/ifconfig command for Linux.  

License Installation and Assignment

Complete these steps in order to install and assign the DCNM license:

  1. From the DCNM control panel, click More, and then click the License Files tab.
  2. Click  Reload License Files so that any license files placed under the Licenses folder are loaded.
  3. Click the License Assignments tab in order to see the Fabric name with all of the Device Types listed.
  4. From the Fabrics tab, change the Admin State of the Fabric to Unmanage, and click Apply. If you have Performance Collection enabled, you must go to the Web Client, and stop the Performance Collection before you continue:

    1. Navigate to Web Client > Admin > Status.
    2. Navigate to Actions under Service Name Performance Collector, and click STOP.
    3. From the License Assignments tab, click the Fabric name, which includes the Device Type and Switch Name that you want to assign to the license, and then click Assign License. The license is automatically assigned to the Device Type and Switch Name that you previously selected.
    4. Verify that the Usage Count is incremented by one under the License Files tab.
    5. From the Fabrics tab, change the Admin State of the Fabric to Manage Continuously, and then click Apply. If you previously stopped the Performance Collection, ensure that you restart it.

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Updated: Sep 06, 2013
Document ID: 116419