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Remove Action Buttons in My VDCs

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Updated: Apr 16, 2014



This document describes how to remove action buttons in My VDCs popover.

Before You Begin


There are no specific requirements for this document.

Components Used

The information in this document is based on Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) version 4.0.

Remove Action Buttons in My Server

Note: The procedure to create new action buttons is beyond the scope of this document.

IAC and Service Designer

The procedure for removing buttons in My VDCs requires the use of Service Designer.

Removing an Action Button

This example illustrates the steps required in order to remove the Release Floating IP Address action button.

Step 1: Find and open the file "IACServersPopover.js" for editing that is located at "\src\widget\iac\IACVDCPopover.js"

Step 2: Search string button name “Release Floating IP Address”


Step 3: Remove or commit all occurrences of serviceNames, serviceIDs, cssClassNames related to “Release Floating IP Address” you found this code multiple times in file, see below image.


Step 4: Next open file “IACGenerateActionButtons.js” for editing and again search string “Release Floating IP Address” commit or remove its conditional block like following.


Step 5: Commit all occurrences. You may find multiple occurrences in this file.

Step 6: Build, run and deploy to verify new button is created.

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Updated: Apr 16, 2014
Document ID: 117674