Cisco CSS 11500 Series Content Services Switches

Handling HTTPS Traffic with the CSS5-SSL Module

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006



This document provides a sample configuration for the CSS5-SSL module. The CSS5-SSL module is introduced with WebNs version 5.20 build 1.



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In this section, you are presented with the information to configure the features described in this document.

Note: Use the Command Lookup Tool (registered customers only) to obtain more information on the commands used in this section.

Network Diagram

This document uses this network setup.



This document uses this configuration.

POMPON (CSS 11506)
POMPON#show running-config 
 !Generated on 10/09/2002 12:46:25
 !Active version: sg0520002s
 !*************************** GLOBAL ***************************
   logging buffer 64000 
   ssl associate rsakey keyrsa CompanyX-rsa-key
   ssl associate cert rsacert CompanyX-cert 
   ssl associate dhparam CompanyX-dh CompanyX-dh 
   ssl associate dsakey CompanyXdsa CompanyX-dsa-key 
   ip route 1 
 !************************* INTERFACE *************************
 interface Ethernet-Mgmt
   phy 10Mbits-HD 
 interface  3/1
   bridge vlan 10 
 interface  3/3
   bridge vlan 149 
 !************************** CIRCUIT **************************
 circuit VLAN10
   ip address 
 circuit VLAN149
   ip address 

!--- Server VLAN. 
 !*********************** SSL PROXY LIST ***********************
 ssl-proxy-list ssl-list 
   ssl-server 90 
   ssl-server 90 vip address 

 !--- The VIP address must be the same as in the content rule defined here.
 !--- The default port is 443. 
 !--- You can change the default port when you issue the 
 !--- ssl-server 90 port <0-65535>

   ssl-server 90 cipher rsa-with-des-cbc-sha 80 
   ssl-server 90 cipher rsa-with-3des-ede-cbc-sha 80 
   ssl-server 90 cipher rsa-with-rc4-128-sha 80 
   ssl-server 90 cipher rsa-with-rc4-128-md5 80 

 !--- Note: The IP address in the cipher suite can be the VIP address or 
 !--- the address of a real server that is available to the CSS.
 !--- Select which cipher mode you want the CSS to accept and define to which server
 !--- deciphered (clear) traffic should be sent.
 !--- You can select different servers/ports for each cipher mode.

   ssl-server 90 rsacert rsacert 
   ssl-server 90 rsakey keyrsa 

!--- Define which certificate and key to use.

 !************************** SERVICE **************************
 service WWW 
   type ssl-accel 

!--- Define that the SSL module is used.

   add ssl-proxy-list ssl-list 
   keepalive type none 

!--- Disable keepalive - internal heartbeat is used.

   slot 5 

 !--- Define which SSL module to use (issue the show chassis 
 !--- command to see in which slot the SSL module is.

 !*************************** OWNER ***************************
 owner CompanyX  

!--- The content rule definition is the same as for any other service.

   content ssl 
     port 443 
     vip address

!--- The ssl-proxy-list VIP address and port must match with those defined here.

     protocol tcp 
     application ssl 
     add service WWW 


Use this section to confirm that your configuration works properly.

The Output Interpreter Tool (registered customers only) (OIT) supports certain show commands. Use the OIT to view an analysis of show command output.

  • show chassis

    POMPON#show chassis
    Configuration for CSS11506-2AC A0:
    Product Name:    CSS11506-2AC A0    SW Version:        5.20 Build 2
    Serial Number:   PL505500237        Base Mac Address:  00-07-85-43-8d-96
    Slot Number     Module Name         Status
          1         CSS5-SCM-2GE        primary
          2         CSS5-SAM            primary
          3         CSS5-IOM-8FE        primary
          4         CSS5-IOM-2GE        primary
          5         CSS5-SSL            primary
          6                             empty slot
          7         CSS506-SM           powered-on
          8         CSS506-SM           powered-on
  • show version

    POMPON#show version
    Version:               sg0520002s (5.20 Build 2)
    Flash (Locked):        5.10 Build 1
    Flash (Operational):   5.20 Build 2
    Type:                  PRIMARY
    Licensed Cmd Set(s):   Standard Feature Set 
                           Secure Management
  • show ssl file

     POMPON#show ssl file
     File Name                       File Type File Size 
     ----------------                --------- ------------
     CompanyX-rsa-key                  PEM        688       
     CompanyX-cert                     PEM        871       
     CompanyX-dh                       PEM        201       
     CompanyX-dsa-key                  PEM        404       
  • show ssl flows

    POMPON#show ssl flows 
    SSL Acceleration Flows for slot 5
    Virtual  Port TCP Proxy Flows  Active SSL Flows  SSL Flows in Handshake
    ---------------  ---- ---------------  ----------------  ----------------------   443               0                 0                       0
  • show ssl associate

     POMPON#show ssl associate 
     Certificate Name                File Name                       Used by List
     ----------------                ---------                       ------------
     rsacert                         CompanyX-cert                          yes   
     RSA Key Name                    File Name                       Used by List
     ------------                    ---------                       ------------
     CompanyXrsa                       CompanyX-rsa-key                       yes   
     DH Param Name                   File Name                       Used by List
     -------------                   ---------                       ------------
     CompanyX-dh                       CompanyX-dh                             no   
     DSA Key Name                    File Name                       Used by List
     ------------                    ---------                       ------------
     CompanyXdsa                       CompanyX-dsa-key                        no   
  • show ssl statistics

    POMPON#show ssl statistics
    SSL Acceleration Statistics
                  0   DSA Sign Failed
                  0   DSA Verify Failed
                  0   SSL MAC Failed
                  0   TLS HMAC Failed
                  0   3DES Failed
                  0   ARC4 Failed
                  0   HASH Failed
                  0   Hardware Device Not Found
                  0   Hardware Device Timed Out
                  0   Invalid Crypto Parameter
                  0   Hardware Device Failed
                313   SSL received non-application data bytes
                992   SSL transmitted non-application data bytes
                  0   RSA Private Decrypt failures
                  0   MAC failures for packets received
                  0   Re-handshake TimerAlloc failed
                  0   Blocks SSL could not allocate
                  0   Dup Blocks SSL could not allocate
                  0   Too many blocks for Block2AccelFragmentArray
                  0   Too many blocks in a SSL message
  • show summary

    POMPON#show summary 
    Global Bypass Counters:
       No Rule Bypass Count:     0
       Acl Bypass Count:         0
    Owner            Content Rules    State     Services         Service Hits
    CompanyX           ssl              Master    WWW     2
  • show flows

    POMPON#show flows
    --------------- ----- --------------- ----- --------------- --- ------- ------
    Src Address     SPort Dst Address     DPort NAT Dst Address Prt InPort  OutPort
    --------------- ----- --------------- ----- --------------- --- ------- ------  80    38460         TCP  3/3       3/1
  • show rule owner content all

    POMPON#show rule CompanyX ssl all
    Name:                     ssl   Owner:                  CompanyX
    State:                 Active   Type:                      SSL
    Balance:          Round Robin   Failover:                  N/A
    Persistence:          Enabled   Param-Bypass:         Disabled
    Session Redundancy:  Disabled
    PrimarySorryServer: None
    SecondSorryServer: None
    Name:            Hits:         Wgt: State:   Ld: KAlive:   Conn: DNS:         
    -----            -----         ---- ------   --- -------   ----- ----         
                     16            S-1  Alive    2   None      0     0            
    Rule DNS Information
     DNS Balance: roundrobin
     DNS Names:             DNS TTL:
    Rule Hotlist Information
     Hotlist: Disabled
     Size: 10, Type: HitCount, Threshold 0, Interval 1
    Associated ACLs:  NONE
  • show ssl statistics ssl-proxy-server

    POMPON#show ssl statistics ssl-proxy-server 
    SSL Acceleration Statistics
    Component: SSL Proxy Server   Slot: 5
         Count        Description
    ---------------   -----------
                 20   Handshake started for incoming SSL connections
                 19   Handshake completed for incoming SSL connections
                  0   Handshake started for outgoing SSL connections
                  0   Handshake completed for outgoing SSL connections
                  1   Active SSL flows high water mark
                  0   Current number of TCP Proxy flows
                  2   Maximum number of TCP Proxy flows
  • show ssl statistics ssl

    POMPON#show ssl statistics ssl 
    SSL Acceleration Statistics
    Component: SSL   Slot: 5
         Count        Description
    ---------------   -----------
                  5   RSA Private Decrypt calls
                  0   RSA Public Decrypt calls
                  0   DH Compute key calls
                  0   DH Generate key calls
                  0   DSA Verify calls
                  0   DSA Sign calls
                335   MD5 raw hash calls
  • show ssl statistics crypto

    POMPON#show ssl statistics crypto
    SSL Acceleration Statistics
    Component: Crypto   Slot: 5
         Count        Description
    ---------------   -----------
                  5   RSA Private
                  0   RSA Public
                  0   DH Shared
                  0   DH Public
                  0   DSA Sign
                  0   DSA Verify
                192   SSL MAC
                257   TLS HMAC
                451   3DES
                  0   ARC4
              3,303   HASH
                  0   RSA Private Failed
                  0   RSA Public Failed
                  0   DH Shared Failed
                  0   DH Public Failed
                  0   DSA Sign Failed
                  0   DSA Verify Failed
                  0   SSL MAC Failed
                  0   TLS HMAC Failed
                  0   3DES Failed
                  0   ARC4 Failed
                  0   HASH Failed
                  0   Hardware Device Not Found
                  0   Hardware Device Timed Out
                  0   Invalid Crypto Parameter
                  0   Hardware Device Failed
                  0   Hardware Device Busy
                  0   Out Of Resources
                  0   Cancelled -- Device Reset


There is currently no specific troubleshooting information available for this configuration.

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006
Document ID: 27744