Cisco 500 Series Content Engines

Manually Upgrading Enterprise CDN Equipment to ACNS 4.x

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Updated: Jan 30, 2006



caution Caution: Do not use this procedure if a Content Distribution Manager (CDM) is available.

This procedure is used to manually upgrade CDN Enterprise equipment from Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) 2.X and 3.X to Application and Content Networking Software (ACNS). To upgrade ECDN safely, use the manual upgrade procedure, as explained in the Cisco ACNS Software documentation on

In some circumstances, you may need to upgrade without access to the GUI. In these cases, follow this step-by-step procedure for either CDM or Content Engine (CE). If your CE does not have a CDM available, or for some reason you received a CE50-CDN instead of a CE50, you want to use the procedure described in this document.

If your CDM failed to upgrade, and the HTTP process does not allow the use of the GUI to perform the upgrade, you want to use the procedure described in this document.



Readers of this document should have knowledge of these topics:

  • Basic UNIX/Linux

  • ECDN

  • ACNS

Components Used

This process has been tested with:

  • CE560-CDN CDN software 3.0.3rc4

  • CE560-CDN CDN software 3.0.2rc10

Upgraded to:

  • ACNS 4.1.1

This procedure works with this hardware:

  • CE-507-CDN

  • CE-560-CDN

  • CE-590-CDN

  • CDM-4650

  • CDM-4630

This procedure works with this software:

  • 2.1.X� ECDN

  • 3.X� ECDN


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Step-by-Step Instructions

The detailed procedure for the upgrade is included in this section. Each step must be followed or the upgrade fails.� Allow 30-60 minutes to complete these steps.

  1. Connect your CE's Ethernet interface to a network.

  2. Turn on the CE, and make sure you have a console connection.

  3. Login to the console as root. The default password is default.

  4. Stop the Sonoma software:

    /etc/rc.d/rc2.d/K95sonomafs stop
  5. Configure the Ethernet interface:

    ifconfig eth0 ip-addr netmask mask broadcast bcast
    route add gw gateway-address
  6. Clean and mount the file systems:

    fsck /sonoma/dist
    fsck /sonoma/state
    mount /sonoma/dist
    mount /sonoma/state
  7. Copy the upgrade image to /sonoma/state/ftp/export and verify file integrity.

    cd /sonoma/state/ftp/export
    ftp ftpserver-address
    get ecdn-acns.upg
    spdist -t ecdn-acns.upg
  8. Type:

  9. Login again with the root username and default password.

  10. Set the date:

    date mmddhhmmyyyy (MonthDayHourMinuteYear)
  11. Indicate that you are in the process of upgrading:

    touch /tmp/manual-upgrade
  12. Upgrade the software:

    /sonoma/sys/bin/upgrade /sonoma/state/ftp/export/ecdn-acns.upg

    Note: Some error messages appear if you upgrade from 2.x software, but not from 3.0.x software. Your output will likely be similar to this:

    upg-ruby-install: Start upgrade to ruby installation
    Run preinstall to install wmt packagepreinstall...

    Note: You will see this:

    upg-ruby-move: Total free space: 14174164, required: 7340032 Done setting up flash device.
    Added linux
    Added ruby *
  13. Reboot the CE.

    Note: It is very important not to disturb the CE during this reboot, and allow lots of time for the CE to finish. This is where most of the critical upgrade process occurs.

  14. You will see the bootup, which includes this information:

    Cisco CE Booting From Flash.
    LILLOO bboooott::
    LLooaaddiinngg rruubbyy..................................

    You will also see the login prompt for Cisco Content Delivery Network, and more messages, followed by a "." every few seconds.

    caution Caution:  DO NOT DISTURB THIS PROCESS.

    After approximately 20 minutes, this process is usually complete.

  15. You are finished when you are presented with this prompt:

    Cisco Content Engine Console

Now that you have a ACNS 4.0.1 box, you want to adjust the partition sizes. Adhere to the instructions in Configuring and Maintaining Disk Storage.

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Updated: Jan 30, 2006
Document ID: 21588