Cisco 500 Series Content Engines

Determining WCCP Support for Cisco IOS and Content Engine Software

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006



The document provides Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) support for Cisco IOS® software and Cisco Content Engine software. WCCP is implemented within software-switching paths of all supported platforms shown in the table below. WCCP is available for process-, fast-, and Cisco Express Forward- (CEF-) based forwarding paths.

WCCP, developed by Cisco, specifies interactions between one or more routers (or Layer 3 switches), and one or more Web caches. The interaction establishes and maintains the transparent redirection of selected types of traffic flowing through a group of routers. The selected traffic is redirected to a group of Web caches with the aim of optimizing resource usage and lowering response times.

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WCCP Support for Cisco IOS Software

You can verify the platform and Cisco IOS software release on a router for the respective WCCP version (Version 1 (v1) or Version 2 (v2) ) by using the Cisco IOS Feature Navigator (registered customers only) tool.

WCCP Support for Cisco Cache Engine Software

The table below shows what version of WCCP is supported on the respective Content Engine software.

WCCP Version Content Engine Version
WCCPv1 any
WCCPv1 WCCPv2 1.76 or higher

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Updated: Jan 31, 2006
Document ID: 15065