Cisco Ultra Services Platform

Get Ready for 5G Now and Save

IDC sizes up the benefits of a virtualized Evolved Packet Core distributed architecture.

Get Ready for 5G Now and Save

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Our new software-defined mobility (SDM) framework is a transformational game-changer for mobile network operators (MNOs). At the center of our SDM is the Cisco Ultra Services Platform. It can enable MNOs to get new services to market faster, reduce costs, and achieve the service agility necessary to compete with cloud providers.

It transforms:

  • Mobile networks into a mobile cloud
  • Function virtualization into service automation
  • A centralized architecture into a distributed, scalable, applications cloud

The Ultra Services Platform takes full advantage of Cisco's strengths in IP, cloud, and virtualization to transform an MNO's business and architecture, as well as the overall user experience.

Cisco Ultra Services Platform

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Cisco is reinventing the Evolved Packet Core, GiLAN, and service enablement to reduce cost, provide webscale and bring new services to market in minutes. Our Ultra Services Platform can enable mobile operators to create and deliver customized private networks for:

  • The enterprise
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Special events
  • Consumers

Cisco Ultra M Platform

Ultra M is an easy-to-use virtualization platform from Cisco designed to simplify the deployment of mobile core virtual network functions (VNFs). The solution combines Cisco Ultra Gateway Applications with a Cisco Validated OpenStack infrastructure to give mobile operators the confidence to start deploying services quickly. This virtualization platform can then be upgraded to the Ultra Services Platform, our next generation for cloud mobile services.


Ultra M

Hassle-Free Full Stack Mobility Solution (PDF - 7.3 MB)

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A Flexible, Cost-Effective Platform

A Flexible, Cost-Effective Platform

SK Telecom provides dynamic 5G services with help from Cisco. (3:26 min)

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