Cisco SON for Mobile Operators

Cut Costs, Improve Experience

Learn how you can deploy more small cells while reducing OpEx and improving QoE.

Cut Costs, Improve Experience

SON (self-optimizing network) harmonizes and optimizes the performance of the network topology across architectures and between various vendors. It helps mobile operators:

  • Automatically facilitate the activation of new sites
  • Dramatically improve performance
  • Provide a superior customer experience for both data and voice services
  • Find a variety of ways to use and profit from the intelligence gathered in your radio network

SON is crucial for operators facing the surge in the demand for mobile capacity and the complexity of technologies that are being deployed to answer it, at a lower cost per bit. The SON provides

Better Key Performance Indicators

It improves KPIs - such as call retention, load, and throughput – by 10 to 40 percent.

Lower Operating Expenses

It saves on OpEx by automating engineering-intensive tasks. It also sharply reduces the need for drive tests and other manual optimization practices. In addition, it reduces the load on support centers, thanks to automatic healing of problems even before subscribers become aware of them.

Reduced Capital Expenditures

It saves on CapEx through dramatic improvement in network performance that postpones and even cancels the need for expansions. It reduces the costs of new equipment deployment, as it allows for plug and play connections of new nodes, dramatically shortening the time it takes for the nodes to become operational.

Superior Customer Experience

The combination of performance improvements and smoother network operation improves the quality of experience, and helps you reduce churn.

Cisco SON is a modular, multi-vendor, multi-technology solution that responds to complexity with simplicity. Mobile service providers can run Radio Access Networks (RANs) automatically, dynamically, and in real time, turning them into elastic, intelligent networks.