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Cisco Mobile Internet solutions are designed to address three key challenges mobile operators face today:

  • Spectrum scarcity
  • Traffic growth
  • Monetization

Our goal is to continually develop and deliver the industry's most comprehensive and effective solutions to meet these challenges. The Cisco Quantum solution can enable service providers to expand into non-traditional markets and disrupt traditional value chains, leading to:

  • New monetization opportunities, including new business models and partners like machine-to-machine and targeted advertising
  • New and differentiated services such as indoor location-based services
  • Extended network reach and enhanced network intelligence

Cisco Quantum is an integrated suite of network management tools. The solution can allow you to efficiently and effectively monetize and optimize your networks in the face of ever-increasing demands.

Quantum Policy Suite provides next-generation policy management to deliver customized user experiences.

Quantum Analytics Suite provides business and network analytics to help enable real-time and near real-time decision making.

Quantum Self-Optimizing Networks provide real-time intelligence into the Radio Access Network (RAN) for optimized performance.

Quantum WAN Orchestration provides capacity and traffic management to deliver improved network economics.

The Cisco Quantum solution allows for increased service velocity, quickly facilitating multiple service scenarios, while also providing a platform for application developers to take full advantage of the network. The solution focuses on simple access to, and correlation of, intelligence from various points of the network for better monetization and optimization, and enhanced subscriber experience as a result.

To help deploy mobile Internet solutions efficiently and successfully, Cisco Services offers consulting for design, implementation, integration, and support. Cisco is an experienced, proven, and trusted partner in delivering next-generation mobile Internet services and solutions.

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