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Shorten Bank Lines

Bank Simpanan Nasional introduces branch teller workload sharing.
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Personalized Sales and Service On-Demand

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your financial services advisors so you can meet customer needs at first contact, open more accounts, and provide the personalized service the customer desires.

Cisco Remote Expert Solution for Retail Banking enables virtual face-to-face meetings to your customers when they visit the branch or reach out to the bank from their PCs, tablets, or smartphones. Now customers can easily connect with remote advisors in seconds in a rich video-enabled collaboration session. Instantly put your customers in touch with mortgage and commercial lenders, wealth management and retirement planning advisors, and other types of banking advisors in real-time.

With the solution you can:

  • Deliver an engaging experience for your customers
  • Expand customer accessibility to a full range of experts
  • Scale expertise and drive productivity of financial experts
  • Provide advanced collaboration capabilities such as document and screen sharing, screen annotation, signature capture, and session recording
  • Map into retail banking workflows for mortgage lending, wealth management, small business lending, treasury and case management services as well as other services
Video Collaboration Increases Sales

Video Collaboration Increases Sales

Nationwide Building Society becomes readily available to 15M customers. (2:38 min)

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