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Remove the Confines of Location and Client Technology with Virtualization

Wyse and Cisco are collaborating on a portfolio of comprehensive desktop virtualization solutions that eliminate the service and feature gaps of existing offerings. The combined benefits of Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) and Wyse's Cloud Client Computing solutions can:

  • Give organizations a lower-cost, highly secure alternative to the current computing model
  • Provide end users with exceptional flexibility in a virtualized collaborative workspace

Wyse is a key endpoint partner for the Cisco VXI initiative. In the "post-PC" world, cloud computing initiatives will succeed by combining unified communications, thin-client and zero-client computing hardware and software, and desktop virtualization — offering end users the perfect mix of solutions.

Wyse Desktop Virtualization Solutions

The following Wyse solutions are available for desktop virtualization environments.

Cloud Clients for Use with Cisco Unified Computing

  • Thin clients*
  • Zero clients*
  • Cloud PCs

Wyse Management Software

  • Remote, thin client management for Wyse and supported Cisco client devices
  • Cloud PC provisioning software allows your Cisco Unified Computing environment to power cloud PCs

Wyse Virtualization Software

  • User Experience Optimization for thin computing platforms
  • User Experience Acceleration for more responsive VDI environments over long-distance networks
  • Repurposed PC software to turn your PC into a VDI thin client in seconds

Cloud Software

  • Wyse PocketCloud puts your virtual environment in your handheld devices
  • The Wyse Zero engine is firmware technology that powers a new generation of cloud-connected smart devices

*Validated with Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI).

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