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Mobile Advertising: Use Unique Assets to Gain Revenues with More Relevant Ads

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The mobile advertising market continues to grow at a rapid rate. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), mobile advertising in the United States alone was worth $1.6 billion in 2011, experiencing the fastest growth of all categories-up 149 percent from 2010. The IAB projects continued strong growth for mobile advertising as it incorporates the best features of the Internet while introducing new value to advertisers such as portability, location-based technology, and the potential for targeted, relevant, and local advertisements.
Mobile operators have unique assets that can play a critical role in making mobile advertising more effective. These include aggregated data about a subscriber's web and application usage, location, and other real-time metrics. Operators also have network capabilities important to the successful delivery of mobile advertisements, such as information about the user's device along with awareness of the congestion conditions of the mobile connection - whether on a 2G, 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi network - and whether the user is on a Home or Visited network.
Operators also have control over security and privacy of the subscriber, which is very important to the end user who may agree to opt in to targeted advertising. By offering a mobile advertising solution that provides anonymous user demographic information, operators gain participation from both sides. The end users prefer advertisements that are relevant to their interests, and advertisers prefer focusing on subscribers who are more likely to engage with their advertisements. Bringing benefit to both sides allows the operator to monetize without interfering with the user experience or disrupting the existing mobile advertising ecosystem.

What Is the Opportunity?

Operators can gain new revenues from mobile advertising by taking advantage of their subscriber, network, and intelligence to uniquely and securely personalize the delivery of ads to mobile users. Operators can also offer a network-centric solution to reach target audiences across access network types and end user devices, while providing users the best experience for viewing rich media and video advertisements. Furthermore, operators can present ads "toll-free" to the user, where the data usage is "zero-rated" and billed back to the advertiser or advertising network. This can lead to higher Click Through Rates (CTR) for mobile ad campaigns.

How Will This Affect My Business?

• Gaining a share of advertising revenues on their networks, while using existing network assets

• Monetizing new partnerships within the advertising ecosystem (with advertising networks, advertisers, and publishers)

What Are the Challenges?

• Protecting the privacy of the subscriber

• Providing sufficient yet anonymous targeting information to the advertiser

What Do I Need?

Cisco® ASR 5000: Purpose-built mobile multimedia core platform that delivers the performance and intelligence required by today's mobile networks.

Cisco In-line Services: Intelligent functions that are integrated into the Cisco ASR 5000 and implemented in the bearer traffic flow, eliminating the need for external lower-reliability network elements while simplifying the network through integrated functions and services. The mobile targeted advertising solution uses several In-line Services functions such as deep packet inspection (DPI), IP header insertion, and zero rating.

Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting: Solution providing comprehensive statistical analysis and trending information for all network attributes and subscriber sessions through tight integration with the DPI capabilities of the Cisco ASR 5000. The solution helps operators optimize network performance, target new services, and plan infrastructure investments.

Cisco Policy and Charging Control (PCC): Standards-based, highly scalable solution for operators to efficiently optimize network resources across subscribers and services while providing significant revenue opportunities by supporting the deployment of new personalized services.

Cisco IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN) offers a comprehensive end-to-end IP solution encompassing Radio Access Network (RAN) backhaul, IP edge and aggregation, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), IP core, and the data center, optimized for the mobile data surge while providing an intelligent common IP core across all access types. Cisco's access-independent, IP-based mobile Internet solutions are key drivers of operator differentiation, new revenues, network optimization, and profitability.
Cisco Services has the experience, tools, and best practices to help operators reduce time to market in deploying mobile network solutions.

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