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Hosted Collaboration Services: Deliver Integrated Services Across Mobile Devices

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According to AMI-Partners research, over 25 percent of U.S. small businesses would deploy unified communications integrated with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings as paid services, if these integrated services were available from a single provider. Many small businesses now use a variety of web-based and hosted services, so this preference for bundled, integrated offers creates opportunities for cloud-based video- and web-conferencing providers. More and more companies are relying on interactive video and web conferencing for daily use to support effective, real-time collaboration among employees, including highly mobile professionals accessing these tools from smartphones, tablets, and laptops connected over mobile data networks.

What Is The Opportunity?

• Changing and deepening the relationship with business customers from being a supplier of mobile connectivity to becoming a business solution partner, delivering complex collaboration services in a reliable and predictable manner.

What Are The Challenges?

• Offering comprehensive cloud services that support real-time, media collaboration and meetings, including supporting on-the-move employees who use a variety of mobile devices (Figure 1).

• Offering mobile data plans to enterprises and small businesses that help ensure a high quality of experience for comprehensive media collaboration services

How Will This Impact My Business?

• Increases revenue and margins per customer by offering added-value enterprise and small business solutions

• Creates cross-selling opportunities for other business-relevant mobile services such as Cisco® Mobile VPN, Tiered Mobile Data plans, Turbo Boost, and Day/Session Passes.

Figure 1. Expanded Business Opportunity Delivering Collaboration Services Across Mobile Devices

What Do I Need?

Cisco ASR 5000 Multimedia Core Platform: Purpose-built mobile multimedia core platform that delivers the performance and intelligence required by today's mobile networks.

Cisco In-Line Services: Intelligent functions that are integrated into the Cisco ASR 5000 and implemented in the bearer traffic, eliminating the need for external lower-reliability network elements while simplifying the network through integrated services. Hosted collaboration services can take full advantage of several In-Line Services functions such as Cisco Enhanced Charging Service and policy enforcement.

Cisco Mobility Unified Reporting System: Solution providing comprehensive statistical analysis and trending of network attributes and subscriber sessions through tight integration with the deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities of the Cisco ASR 5000. The solution helps operators optimize network performance, target new services, and plan infrastructure investments.

Cisco Policy and Charging Control (PCC): Standards-based, highly scalable solution for operators to efficiently optimize network resources across subscribers and services while providing significant revenue opportunities by allowing the deployment of new personalized services.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS): Cisco HCS is a complete carrier-class collaboration solution that is designed to host multiple customers securely. Each customer is served by dedicated, virtual applications in the operator's data center. The Cisco HCS service is implemented using Cisco Data Center and cloud solutions, including Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), VMware virtualization software, fibre channel storage area network (SAN) storage, and Cisco Nexus® switching platforms. The Cisco Unified Communications Hosted Solution has been optimized to run on UCS and can improve performance, lower the cost of ownership, and increase operational productivity. See more at

Why Cisco?

Cisco IP Next Generation Network (IP NGN) offers a comprehensive end-to-end IP solution encompassing Radio Access Network (RAN) backhaul, IP edge and aggregation, Evolved Packet Core (EPC), IP core, and data center, optimized for the mobile data surge, while providing an intelligent common IP core across all access types. Cisco's access-independent, IP-based Mobile Internet solutions are essential promoters of operator differentiation, new revenues, network optimization, and profitability.
In addition, Cisco Services has the experience, tools, and best practices to help operators reduce time to market in deploying mobile network solutions.

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