Cisco Digital Media Player 4310G

Easily Control Digital Media Playback

The highly reliable, IP-based Cisco Digital Media Player 4310G controls the display and playback of interactive digital media across a network of digital signs, including:

  • High-definition live broadcasts or on-demand video
  • Flash animations
  • Graphics
  • Text tickers

Cisco Digital Media Player 4310G integrates with Cisco Digital Media Manager, the centralized management system component of the Cisco Digital Media Suite. The management interface was designed with the nontechnical user in mind to keep the level of required training low.

Use Flexible, Real-Time Publishing

You can instantly publish and update content across individual or groups of digital displays. You can also control and schedule the frequency and duration of content playback.

Broadcast with Cisco Cast

You can control IP-based broadcast television through the Cisco Digital Media Player remote control and on-screen program guide.

Simplify Deployment and Maintenance

Simple IT installations that require little additional network expense reduce the deployment and maintenance burdens that IT commonly faces.

Use the Reliability and Power of the Network

Tightly integrated with the network, Cisco Digital Media Player 4310G uses the reliability and security of the underlying network as a platform. This appliance-based solution has no moving parts, avoiding security and maintenance concerns associated with PCs.

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Stadium Delivers Exceptional Fan Experiences
New Meadowlands Stadium uses Cisco Digital Media Player 4310G to power 2200 video displays to customize the environment for each event.

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