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Easily Manage and Publish Digital Media

Manage, schedule, and publish compelling digital media with Cisco Digital Media Manager, the central management application for all Cisco Digital Media Suite products. This web-based media management application works with:

With Cisco Digital Media Manager, content managers can:

  • Manage content assets and create playlists for Cisco Digital Signs and Cisco Show and Share
  • Schedule instant and future content deployments and playback for Cisco Digital Signs, Cisco Cast, and Cisco Show and Share
  • Report on playback schedules for Cisco Digital Signs and on video usage for Cisco Show and Share
  • Manage Q&A for live Cisco Show and Share broadcasts
  • Synchronize slides for both live and video on demand Cisco Show and Share events

Content designers can:

  • Customize signage screen layouts and zones for Cisco Digital Signs
  • Customize and brand Cisco Cast skins and menus
  • Customize and brand the interface for Cisco Show and Share

IT users can:

  • Manage user accounts for role-based access control and configure user-specific content restrictions for desktop video users
  • Configure and manage Cisco Digital Media Encoders for Cisco Show and Share
  • Remotely configure, manage, and monitor Cisco Digital Signs networks
  • Manage event-based alerts and server appliances

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