Cisco SFS 3000 Series Multifabric Server Switches

Automate Provisioning for On-Demand Computing

The Cisco SFS 3000 Series Multifabric Server Switches combine a high-performance InfiniBand server interconnect with Ethernet and Fibre Channel gateways. This enables an entire fabric of servers to share virtualized pools of I/O and storage resources connected through Cisco Catalyst or MDS switches.

The switches can be deployed as standalone elements for small fabrics or used at the edge of a large fabric of Cisco SFS 7000 Series InfiniBand Server Switches. They are designed to reach beyond legacy clustering solutions to transform high-performance server clusters into flexible computing grids.

Combined with Cisco VFrame Server Fabric Virtualization Software, the Cisco SFS 3000 Series provides a powerful foundation for automated server provisioning and on-demand computing.

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