Cisco 3660 Multiservice Platform

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Cisco 3660 Multiservice Platform

Cisco 3660 Multiservice Platform
The Cisco 3660 series platform improves on the density, performance, robustness, and serviceability of the very successful Cisco 2600 and 3600 series family of products, extending these capabilities for use in larger branch-office applications or for telco-managed services as customer premise equipment (CPE). The Cisco 3660 Series offers one or two autosensing 10/100 Ethernet ports, six network module slots, two Advanced Integration Module (AIM) slots, integrated power supply redundancy, one console port, one auxiliary port, and two PCMCIA card slots, all in a compact package.

Cisco 3662 Telco Versatile DCN Access Platform
The Cisco 3662-DC-CO, a robust NEBS Level 3/ETSI compliant networking platform, is specifically designed to optimize the network management operations of Service Provider Central Offices (COs) and Data Communication Networks (DCNs). The 3662-DC-CO is part of Cisco's scalable, low-cost Data Communications Network (DCN) Solution that reduces operations costs and complexity in managing the provisioned services network. Along with a telco-specific Cisco IOS feature set, this DCN solution enables telcos to gracefully migrate from a mix of stand-alone X.25 and proprietary networks to a single standards-based solution.

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