Cisco 1711 Security Access Router

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The Cisco 1711 Security Access Router offers an all-in-one security, routing, and switching solution for enterprise small branch offices and small and medium sized businesses; with built-in Fast Ethernet LAN switching, Fast Ethernet port for DSL or broadband modem connectivity, integrated IOS Security and backup WAN for link redundancy to help ensure high availability of critical business applications.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Solution - delivering Broadband Access with Link Redundancy, Routing, Switching and Security
  • Integrated Network Security - stateful inspection firewall with URL filtering, hardware accelerated VPN encryption (DES and 3DES), and IDS detecting 100 signatures
  • Integrated LAN Switching - 4 port 10/100BaseT switch with 802.1Q VLAN and MDI/MDIX auto-configuration
  • High WAN Availability - ensures availability of network connection and applications with analog modem or ISDN back-up WAN
  • Superior Manageability - CiscoWorks for centralized configuration and management. Embedded web-based Security Device Manager (SDM) for simplified device configuration management

(The Cisco 1711 Security Access Router provides analog modem backup port; see the Cisco 1712 for ISDN S/T backup port.)

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