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Unified Instant Communications

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Unified Instant Communications

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Instant Connect Solution Components

Instant Connect  integrates with virtually any analog or digital radio system, supporting dynamic, any-to-any PTT communications.

Communicate Instantly Without Limitation

Improved Collaboration

With Instant Connect, you can enhance productivity by connecting workgroups with robust push-to-talk (PTT) functionality from any device, any network, anywhere. Disconnected radio PPT users can be linked with workgroups for true enterprise collaboration.

Lower Cost, Better Service

Now you no longer need to deploy and manage expensive radio systems that are isolated from enterprise networks and other forms of communications. This saves you money.

Integration also enhances service delivery. Your always-connected communications system delivers information immediately, whether it's through voice, video, or data.

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Find More Instant Connect Resources

Access Instant Connect data sheets, white papers, case studies, and other collateral.

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