Service Selection Gateway (SSG)

Service Selection Gateway (SSG) is a switching solution for Service Providers who offer Intranet, Extranet, and Internet connections to subscribers using broadband access technology such as digital subscriber lines (DSL), cable modems, or wireless LAN.

SSG works in conjunction with the Cisco Subscriber Edge Services Manager (SESM), a software toolkit that resides on a Windows/Unix/Linux server. Together with the SESM, SSG provides subscriber authentication, service selection, service connection and accounting capabilities to subscribers of Internet services. The SSG-SESM solution, known as Subscriber Access and Management (SAM), also provides account self-care portal for subscribers and branding, advertisement abilities for service providers. Subscribers interact with a SESM-based web application using a standard Internet browser.

Current deployments include DSL, Public Wireless LAN (PWLAN), ETTx, and Mobile Wireless solutions.

Brief Overview of Benefits

  • SSG can authenticate and authorize subscribers to access Internet services.
  • In conjunction with a billing server, SSG can provide per-subscriber, per-service billing in both post-paid and pre-paid billing modes.
  • In conjunction with Subscriber Edge Services Manager (SESM), SSG can provide a Web Portal for subscriber authentication and self-subscription, as well as Service Provider branding.
  • SSG provides Open garden and Walled garden services for controlled access of information to subscribers.

Technical Support and Documentation

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