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Better than Being there Experiences: Universal Participation

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The following visionary use case explores some of the many ways you could soon benefit from video.

Enabling True Universal Participation: Bring Far-Flung Global Organizations Together as One

It is 5 p.m. in Ottawa as Chris Johnston, a sales executive at a global electronics company, prepares to attend a corporate all-hands meeting. The event is taking place half a world away at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, but Chris will be able to participate through rich, interactive video at his desktop.
Expectations are high as employees in Europe, Asia, and across the United States gather to learn about their company's sales and marketing strategy for the coming year. The CEO, seated in a Cisco TelePresence room, presents her vision with supporting presentations from other executives located all over the world via video in the same multipoint meeting. Back in Ottawa, Chris can instant message with colleagues via his video event portal to get their thoughts on the vision. He can also tag segments that are especially relevant to his team so he can review and share them later. In the same event interface, Chris and the other participants have an opportunity to ask questions of staff who are manning a question-and-answer area in real time.

Mobile Participation for a Dynamic Workforce

After the first part of the event finishes, Chris leaves the office and boards a light rail train for his trip home. The event is still happening, but Chris will not miss a minute. As he leaves his desk, he securely and seamlessly transfers the video of the all-hands meeting from his PC display to his smartphone. As he settles into his seat on the train, Chris taps on his smartphone and resumes viewing the conference exactly where he left off. His service provider's intelligent network handles the transfer from the corporate Internet to his fourth-generation (4G) phone, and formats the program to look and sound great on his mobile device. The event application caches the live content so he can pick up viewing as it is convenient for him.
As Chris arrives home, he settles down on the couch, and issues a command to his smartphone. His flat-screen television flickers to life, and the all-hands meeting appears in high-definition (HD), stereo sound. In just a few hours, a global company has communicated a new strategy and consistent messaging to employees all over the globe, and set the stage for a successful year ahead. Chris has watched it on the devices that were most natural for him, when it was convenient, and noted what was important for him to share or review. Because he has tagged areas that are interesting to him, he can also automatically receive recommendations of related content, and easily share those with his team and other colleagues.

From Passive Viewing to Active Engagement

These new types of video participation and sharing capabilities extend beyond enterprise video. One week later, the Canadian prime minister delivers his annual address, and Chris watches the event at home on television. As the PM's speech unfolds, Chris can interact with friends and colleagues worldwide from his living room, using the same video chat tools that he uses for work, but with different securities and access privileges. He can use the applications on a PC, a tablet, or other mobile device, or even on his TV, whatever he chooses. With the power of the intelligent network, and sophisticated video applications and solutions, television is no longer a passive experience, but an opportunity for active engagement with content and with friends.

Enabled by the Medianet Architecture

As video becomes pervasive in our lives-at work and at home-the quality of the experience matters. A high quality experience is critical to adoption and to promoting business transformation. If an end user's experience with video is not good, the user will not use it, watch it, consume it or create it. An architectural approach and intelligent network are critical in delivering quality, consistent, and predictable experiences. Cisco ® video solutions and the underlying intelligent Cisco Medianet architecture are optimized for video to create superior experiences (and cost-effective operations) by integrating video capabilities all the way from the network to the application. A medianet has the following characteristics:

Media-aware: The network is aware of the types of media crossing the network, and handles automatic format transcoding to deliver the best experience.

Endpoint-aware: Adaptive endpoints on the network automatically configure and register themselves, saving time and money for IT organizations.

Network-aware: An intelligent network is aware of itself, and employs sophisticated quality of service (QoS) to prioritize traffic and mitigate congestion. It can even dynamically troubleshoot problems to identify devices that are compromising quality.

Cisco: Creating the Future of Video... Today

Cisco today provides a complete array of video solutions for organizations. These solutions include video-enabled collaboration applications such as Cisco TelePresence, Cisco WebEx ® and Cisco Jabber meeting applications; video content offerings that democratize the ability to create and consume video; video surveillance for physical security and new emerging uses; and digital signage for engaging customers and employees. Cisco Videoscape lets service providers bring together content from pay TV, online, and on-demand sources. Altogether, this comprehensive networked video portfolio enables Cisco customers to combine content with social media, communications, and mobility to deliver tomorrow's "better than being there" video experiences-everywhere, at scale, to tens of thousands of enterprise users or millions of consumers.
Cisco's unique approach to video collaboration, video entertainment, and video intelligence, together with its broad portfolio of solutions, provides a flexible, scalable foundation to enable people to enjoy a more interactive, immersive video experience at work and at play-anywhere, at any time, using any device.