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End-of-Sale Announcement of the LightStream 2020

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October 2, 1997

Last May, Cisco ® announced a statement of new direction for the Cisco Light Stream 2020 ATM Switch. At that time Cisco decided to focus our long-term resources on the LightStream 1010 and the StrataCom product line. However, at that time the LS2020 was the only Cisco ATM product that provided WAN broadband voice and data integration with ATM.
Recently, Cisco announced support for constant bit rate on the LightStream 1010, which is equivalent to the same feature found on the LS2020. Additionally, the BPX and AXIS are the Cisco lead products in service provider applications, while the IGX provides enterprise WAN narrowband frame relay, voice and data integration with ATM. In the future the IGX will also support broadband interfaces.
With two strong products in the ATM Enterprise Market, Cisco overall commitment to the marketplace is clear. Based on this successful product transition, Cisco is announcing the End-of-Sale (EoS) for the LS2020.
This Product Bulletin is the first step in the retirement process for this product. In June, the LS2020 was removed from the product catalogue. On January 2, 1998 the LS2020 will be removed from the price list. New orders will not be accepted after this date.
For customers whose requirements are met by the current LS2020 capabilities, we will continue to support it (Release 2.3 only). Ongoing bug fixing will be available until June 30, 1999. CA support (answering questions and assisting customers) and hardware repairs will continue until August 1, 2002. This announcement does not affect the availability of the MMNode, which was jointly developed by Cisco and NEC. NEC will continue to sell and support the MMNode.
The final supported software release is 2.3. We strongly recommend that all LS2020 networks upgrade to this release. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, we will continue to fix customer-reported problems associated with Release 2.3, as noted above.
Customers who want to transition to the LightStream 1010, IGX, or BPX please contact your Cisco Account Representative.
The following are the four key milestones for the Light Stream 2020:


January 2, 1998

Last Ship Date

April 2, 1998

End of SW Maintenance Support

November 2, 1999

Last Date of Support (discontinue phone support and RMAs)

November 1, 2002