Cisco IGX 8400 Series Switches

IPX End-of-Sale Announcement

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Cisco ® is officially announcing the End-of-Sale of the IPX product line, with an effective date of October 31, 1998. IPX customers will be able to obtain service and support on IPX hardware for a period of five years after the End-of-Sale announcement date, and on IPX software for a period of three years after the last major software release.
Release 9.1 of switch software, currently targeted for availability in mid-July 1998, represents the last software release for the IPX. Any future major releases of software beyond release 9.1 will not be certified for the IPX.
IPX customers can migrate to Cisco IGX 8400 using the Technology Migration Plan or the Step-up to IGX Program, which will be extended until January 31, 1999.
In summary, Cisco direction for the IPX product line is as follows:


Effective Date

End-of-Sale Announcement

July 1, 1998


October 31, 1998

End of SW Maintenance Support

Rel. 9.1

IPX-to-IGX Upgrade Program (Step-up to IGX)

Will be extended until January 31, 1999

Technology Migration Plan


End of Support on IPX Software

July 15, 2001

End of Service Contract Renewal Date

July 1, 2002

Last Date of Support on IPX Hardware

July 1, 2003