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Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software Releases

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Cisco ® announces changes to the organization of the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller software releases on the Wireless Software download page.
Cisco has organized the software releases of the wireless LAN controllers for the Cisco Unified Wireless Network to better differentiate software releases and allow customers to choose the appropriate software release. These changes have been updated in the Cisco Software Center ( and will be adhered to from now on.

Previous Software Structure

Previously, the software releases for the wireless LAN controllers were displayed in two categories: Latest Releases and All Releases. This method has been confusing for some customers who need assistance in choosing which software release they should deploy.

Figure 1. Previous Software Structure

New Software Structure

The software releases for the Cisco Wireless LAN controllers are still organized in two folders: Latest Releases and All Releases. The Latest Releases folder will show Maintenance Deployment Releases (MD) in chronological order. The All Releases folder will show Early Deployment Releases, Maintenance Deployment Releases and Deferred Releases. See Figure 2 to view this structure and Table 1 for a description on each type of release.

Figure 2. New Software Structure

Table 1 describes the new software release structure for the Cisco Unified Wireless Network. This organizational structure is valid on standalone, wireless integrated routers, and wireless integrated switches. Included are the latest controllers such as the Cisco 2100 and 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controllers; the Cisco Catalyst ® 6500 Series/Cisco 7600 Series Wireless Services Module (WiSM); the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Module (WLCM) and Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Module Enhanced (WLCM-E) for integrated services routers; and the Cisco Catalyst 3750G Integrated Wireless LAN Controller.

Table 1. New Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software Release Organization

Software Release



Maintenance Deployment Releases

Software releases that provide bug-fix support and ongoing software maintenance. These releases are categorized as Maintenance Deployment (MD) and may be part of the AssureWave program.*

• MD
• MD

Provides customers with a software release that fixes required software bugs.

Early Deployment Releases

Software releases that provide new features and new hardware platform support in addition to bug fixes. These releases are categorized with Early Deployment (ED) at the end of the release number.

• ED
• ED

Allows customers to deploy the newest features released

Deferred Releases

These software releases have been deferred due to a severe technical issue. Cisco recommends that customers migrate to an upgraded release. A deferral advisory document will be listed with each release. Customers are strongly urged to migrate from the affected image(s) to the replacement image(s).

• DF (Deferral)

Provides visibility to deferred software releases

*AssureWave is a Cisco program that focuses on satisfying customer quality requirements in key vertical markets in the mobility space. This program links and expands on product testing conducted within development engineering, regression testing, and systems test groups within Cisco. The AssureWave program has established partnerships with major device and application vendors to help ensure broader interoperability with our new release. The AssureWave certification marks the successful completion of extensive wireless LAN controller and access point testing that validates targeted releases.

For More Information

Cisco wireless LAN controller software is downloadable from the Cisco software center. Display tables for each Cisco wireless LAN controller model are located at (login required).
For more information about the Cisco wireless LAN controllers, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.