Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System

End of Sale of Monitoring Analysis and Response (MARS) Products

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Product Support

Q. What products are covered by this end of sale (EOS) announcement?
A. This EOS announcement covers all Cisco MARS security appliances, software, accessories, and licenses. Products include Cisco Security MARS 25R, 25, 55, 110R, 110, 110R, 210, GC2R, GC2 appliances as well as all accessories and 110R FIPS cards. It also covers Cisco Security Software Releases 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x.
Q. What are the key EOS dates?
A. The key EOS dates are available on the End of Sale Notice EOL7199.
Q. How long will Cisco deliver signature updates?
A. Cisco will deliver signature updates for already supported devices for a period of three years after the end of sale. Customers will continue to receive Cisco IPS signature packages from without having to install a new software release. For all other signatures, customers will have to upgrade their MARS appliances to the latest software release.
Q. What is the last Cisco MARS software release train supported on the Cisco MARS security appliances?
A. Cisco will continue to provide software bug fixes and/or feature updates until June 2, 2012. The last software train for new features will be delivered on the 6.1 release train. Signature updates will be provided until June 2, 2014. Therefore, software releases for signature updates may extend the releases into the 6.2 train.
Q. What is the last Cisco IPS and ASA software release supported by Cisco MARS security appliances?
A. ASA 8.4.1 and IPS 7.1 will be the last ASA and IPS devices officially supported by MARS. Cisco will continue to provide software bug fixes and/or feature updates until June 2, 2012.
Q. When is the last date of support for Cisco MARS appliances?
A. The Cisco TAC will continue to support Cisco MARS until June 2, 2013.
Q. How do I migrate my data to an ecosystem partner?
A. Cisco has collaborated with all ecosystem partners to ensure that customers can easily transition their data using the built-in CS-MARS archiving tool. All ecosystem partners can import MARS archives. To learn more about archiving with MARS, please see the MARS configuration guide on
Q. What about customers who bought Cisco Security MARS appliances just prior to this announcement?
A. Cisco is fully committed to supporting the Cisco Security MARS appliances. These products will continue to be supported until June 30, 2016.

Replacement Recommendations

Q. Are there products Cisco recommends a customer migrate to? Which products should MARS customers migrate to?
A. Cisco recommends customers migrate to CSM and a SIEM ecosystem partner. Customers interested in a single tool for policy control, event management, tactical threat reporting may pursue CSM. Customers interested in advanced correlation, compliance reporting and long term event storage should consider a SIEM ecosystem partner. Cisco has researched and provided guidance on the use case tradeoffs between various ecosystem partners. Cisco has formed joint roadmaps and product integrations with our ecosystem partners. For security managed services, customers are encouraged to evaluate Cisco Remote Management Services.

For more information on CSM, please see

For more information our ecosystem partnership, please see

For more information on Cisco Remote Management Services, please see

Q. Does Cisco provide coordinated support for a Cisco SIEM ecosystem partner solution?
A. Customers can rest assured that Cisco has performed integration testing with our SIEM ecosystem partners. Should there be any technical issues with a Cisco product integrating with a partner, Cisco technical support will work with the partner and the customer to troubleshoot the issue. Core Cisco product issues will be resolved through Cisco technical support. If it is clearly a third party issue, Cisco TAC will direct the customer to the partner's technical support and Cisco will keep the case open until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. For cases where both parties have a role to play, Cisco will work closely with the partner to resolve the issue for the customer.