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If sending encrypted email is essential to your business, Cisco can secure your employees’ email with a single click.

You already protect your email with Cisco® Email Security. Now, you can enable users to encrypt their own email messages directly from Microsoft Outlook with the Cisco Email Security Plug-in. The Cisco Email Security Plug-in consists of two commonly used email security features for reporting and encryption. When you deploy the Cisco Email Security Plug-in as part of your Microsoft Outlook email program, it installs one or both of the following applications: Reporting Plug-in and Encryption Plug-in.

Easily Report Unwanted Email

Increase Spam Filter Efficacy

Figure 1.      Cisco Email Security Reporting Plug-in

Submit feedback to Cisco about unsolicited and unwanted email, such as spam, viruses, and phishing messages. Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group (Talos) uses this feedback to update its filters to stop future unwanted messages.

Legitimate email messages that have been marked as spam can be quickly reclassified using the Not Spam button. Cisco Talos uses reports about false positives to adjust spam filters to avoid future misclassification.

Easily Send Encrypted Email

Encrypt Emails Directly from Outlook with a Single Click

Figure 2.      Cisco Email Security Encryption Plug-in

An “Encrypt Message” button installed on the menu bar of each Microsoft Outlook email message (Figure 2) enables users to encrypt email in two ways:

   Desktop encryption: Users can encrypt email directly from Outlook and immediately send the encrypted email message from their desktop. The email stays encrypted as it travels from the Outlook client to the recipient.

   Flag encryption: Users can mark the email message so that the Email Security Appliance will inspect and encrypt it before it leaves your network.

Remove Dependency on Browsers

Encrypt and Decrypt Directly in Microsoft Outlook

Control your highly sensitive email without crossing the mail server unencrypted. With the Cisco Email Security Plug-in, everything is done within Microsoft Outlook itself. No browsers are required, reducing complexity.

Increase Sender Control

Reduce Administrative Burden on IT

When misaddressed email is handled manually, the process usually requires administrators to open the mail server, search for the mail, and revoke the keys. The time delay often results in lost messages.

The Cisco Email Security Plug-in eliminates the need for administrator intervention and gives the sender control. Within seconds, the sender can identify if a message has been read and can revoke the keys. The sender can also self-administer expiration dates and read-by dates, and can lock and unlock messages directly from Microsoft Outlook. New search capabilities are now provided for managing messages. In addition to the existing Manage Secure Message dialog box, a new Manage Message dialog box is provided.

Simplify Installation and Management

Install and Modify a Single Interface for Users and Administrators

Package the Cisco Email Security Plug-in with encryption provisioning information and deploy the Plug-in through your standard enterprise mass installation tools. This software works with the highly available encryption key management service, Cisco Registered Envelope Service.

The administrator has full control over which users can use desktop encryption or flag encryption.

Supported Email Clients

The Cisco Email Security Plug-in supports Microsoft Outlook 2007 through 2013, 32- and 64-bit, on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems.

Why Cisco?

Security is more critical to your network than ever before. As threats and risks persist, security is necessary for providing business continuity, protecting valuable information, maintaining brand reputation, and adopting new technology. A secure network enables your employees to embrace mobility and securely connect to the right information. It also allows your customers and partners to conduct business with you more easily.

No organization understands network security like Cisco. Our market leadership, unmatched threat protection and prevention, innovative products, and longevity make us the right vendor for your security needs.

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