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Financial Services Monitoring Extension Module for Cisco AON Module Product Overview

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The Financial Services Monitoring Extension Module is a new set of components for Cisco® Application-Oriented Networking (AON) Software Release 2.4. It enables processing of copied and promiscuously received packet traffic and delivers an ordered, correlated set of observation data to external analytic engines, helping to streamline the data capture process. The new module consists of specific application message decoders and filters for Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol.

Features and Benefits

The new Cisco AON Financial Services Monitoring Extension offers the following advantages:

FIX order flow message framing for promiscuous traffic: FIX order flow message preprocessing is significantly simplified to enable efficient fast real-time analytics.

Correlated network events, time stamps, and application messages: The FIX framing service enables the AON promiscuous mode (PMode) adapter to correlate co-occurring network events with individual framed FIX messages and a time stamp in microseconds.

Extensibility: The FIX framing service can be extended by pre-framers and post-framers as well as specialized send extensions to add filtering or multi-destination sending behavior to the packet processing. Extensions can be provided through direct extension libraries or special C or Java libraries that add special processing to the behavior before, during, or after messaging framing.

Transparency: The extension enables integration and management as part of the existing infrastructure. Message-level policy design and enforcement is facilitated by the Cisco AON Management Console (AMC) and Cisco AON Development Studio (ADS) or through the standalone command-line interface that is part of the new feature set of AON 2.4.

Integrated support services: Cisco support provides high-quality, reliable implementation.

Product Architecture

This new set of components extends the PMode processing stack and PMode adapter components in Cisco AON 2.4. The PMode processing stack provides the capability to receive copied TCP and UDP packet traffic, process it to preserve the network events, time-stamp the events at their arrival to the AON capture point, reorder out-of-order packets, and account for missed bytes. The result is to provide an ordered TCP or UDP segment to the PMode adapter. The PMode adapter uses an extension framework specialized for processing application messages distributed within or across TCP and UDP segments. The Financial Services Monitoring Extension Module consists of specific application message decoders and filters for FIX messages.
The Financial Services Monitoring Extension Module components run on all form factors of Cisco AON: Cisco Integrated Services Routers, Cisco Catalyst ® 6500 Series Switches, and standalone network appliances. The output of the Financial Services Monitoring components, once integrated with the AON PMode adapter, delivers standard AON monitoring messages in near-real time and thereby streamlines the data capture process, providing a network-managed device that correlates TCP network events with application level messages in a single data unit.
Cisco testing in both lab conditions and production environments has established interoperability with Trading Metrics, Inc. in the use of Cisco AON with PMode and the FIX framing service as well as with the Trading Metrics RDF market data framing library (certification available upon request). The new module provides immediate capability to capture and process FIX order flow messages correlated with TCP network events and time stamps. It also delivers the ability to incorporate a Java or C library into the AON PMode runtime framework that can use sampling and buffering to enable a batching and filtering of small message sets. This capability speeds throughput for the large message traffic volumes typical in enterprise market data distribution environments.

Ordering Information

Table of part numbers for ordering. Note that the management components, Cisco AON Management Console and Cisco AON Development Studio, can be downloaded from the Cisco Software Center.
To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.

Table 1. Ordering Information

Part Number



Financial Services Extension Module


Financial Services Extension Module (Spare)

Service and Support

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