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Product Overview

The Cisco SocialMiner® social media customer care solution can enable your company to proactively respond to customers and prospects communicating through public social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook or other public forum or blogging sites. By providing social media monitoring, queuing, and workflow to organize customer posts on social media networks and delivering them to your customer care team, your company can respond to customers in real time through the same social network they use to communicate.

This innovative customer service capability is enabled by the Cisco SocialMiner solution, which searches multiple social networks to capture public customer postings and then organizes, filters, and prioritizes these postings and presents them to your customer care team for response. Your customer service representatives can respond to a customer service problem or reach out to new customers looking for information about your products or services.

Business Value

Consider the dramatic growth of the social web. Using Twitter and Facebook and other social media, people worldwide are engaging in an increasing number of online conversations and interactions. Part of those conversations involves consumers talking about the companies with which they do business. Sometimes they say good things, and sometimes they complain. The question is: Are companies listening? And can enterprises respond to both the good and the not-so-good information coming from customers through social media?

Cisco SocialMiner customer care enables all companies to incorporate the capability to listen to and respond to customer conversations originating on the social web. This proactive response can benefit your company in numerous ways: from delighting customers with responses to concerns or questions, to managing a complaint or product problem that could potentially damage your brand. In addition, the social media web is full of potential customers asking for advice about a product or service. With Cisco SocialMiner software, your company can offer advice and product information to aid in decision making, create brand recognition, and possibly gain a new customer.

Cisco SocialMiner software can help your company enhance customer service, improve customer loyalty, add new customers, and protect your brand.

Table 1 lists the features and benefits of Cisco SocialMiner 10.5.

Table 1. Features and Benefits of Cisco SocialMiner 10.5



Product Baseline Features

Social media feeds

Feeds are configurable sources to capture public social contacts that contain specific words, terms, or phrases.
Feeds enable you to collect various types of contacts about your company's products, services, or areas of expertise.
The Cisco SocialMiner solution supports the following types of feeds:
Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

Chat from Twitter and Facebook reply templates

This feature allows agents to escalate Twitter and Facebook communications to live single-session web chats.
Chat launch from Twitter and Facebook provides agents with the flexibility to offer customers real-time support.


Filters are configurable sources to modify and take action on social contacts, allowing customer care representatives to focus on the most actionable social contacts. Cisco SocialMiner software supports three types of filters:

Campaign management

The solution groups feeds into campaigns to organize all posting activity related to a product category or business objective.
It produces metrics about campaign activity.
Cisco SocialMiner software allows you to configure multiple campaigns to search for customer postings on specific products or services.
The software groups social contacts for handling by the social media customer care team.
It enables filtering of social contacts based on preconfigured campaign filters to focus campaign searches.

Chat management

Chat is managed only through Cisco ® Unified Contact Center Express (Unified CCX) and Cisco Finesse ® agent desktop.
You can have multisession chat sessions with up to five simultaneous chat sessions per agent.
You can use predefined agent response templates.
The solution has a browser-enabled spell checker.
The solution provides audible and visual notification for incoming chat requests.
Live data and historical reporting are through Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.


This feature enables searches for specific words, terms, or phrases associated with all social contacts in Cisco SocialMiner software.
Search provides another layer of social contact filtering to meet specific business goals.
It enables searches for transcripts associated with completed chat sessions.

Routing and queuing social contacts

This feature enables routing of social contacts to skilled customer care representatives in the contact center.
It draws on expertise in the enterprise by allowing multiple people in the enterprise to work together to handle responses to customer postings through shared work queues.
It also enables automated distribution of work to improve efficiency and effectiveness of social media engagement.


You can route work to the appropriate team by grouping each post or social contact into different categories; for example, a post can be marked with the "customer_support" tag, and this post will then appear in a customer support agent's queue for processing.

Saving drafts for review

You can save responses to social contacts for review by a team member or supervisor.
You can review responses before positing to the social web to help control brand image and value.

Social media customer care metrics

The application provides detailed metrics about social media customer care activities, campaign reports, and team reports.
It measures work and results to help you meet service-level goals.
It supports brand management.
Cisco SocialMiner software optimizes staffing.
It includes dashboarding of social media posting activity when Cisco Unified Intelligence Center is used.

Reporting for social contacts

Cisco Social Miner software provides a reporting database that you can access using any reporting tool, including Cisco Unified Intelligence Center.
The solution enables customer care management to accurately report on and track social media interactions by the contact center.

OpenSocial-compliant gadgets and representational state transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs)

Cisco SocialMiner provides flexible user-interface options.
The solution provides extensive opportunities for customization.
It enables web and mobile application developers to add voice callback as a feature for custom-developed web applications.

Optional integration with full suite of Cisco Collaboration tools

With Cisco SocialMiner you can take advantage of the full suite of Cisco Collaboration tools, including the Cisco Show and Share ® webcasting and video sharing application and Cisco Pulse ® technology, to help your social media customer care team quickly find answers to help customers efficiently and effectively.
Your existing IT personnel can easily maintain the solution.

Operating Environment

Any server platform

The Cisco SocialMiner server must support virtualization (VMware ESXi 5.0).
Possible server recommendations include Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS ®) C-Series Rack Servers or B-Series Blade Servers.
Server consolidation means lower cost per server with Cisco UCS Servers.



One server supports up to 30 simultaneous social media customer care users and 10,000 social contacts per hour.


Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT)

Operational management is enhanced through integration with the Cisco Unified RTMT, providing consistent application monitoring across Cisco Unified Communications Solutions.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

SNMP with an associated MIB is supported through the Cisco Voice Operating System (VOS).


Cisco Unified Intelligence Center

Create customizable reports for social media customer care events using Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (purchased separately).

Platform Support, Compatibility, and Specifications

For hardware and operating system requirements, for compatibility with other Cisco and third-party products, and for additional product specifications, consult the hardware and system software specifications for Cisco SocialMiner software at


Cisco SocialMiner software is licensed by server and by user. For more information about licensing, please contact your local Cisco representative or Cisco authorized partner.

Warranty Information

Find warranty information on on the Product Warranties page.

Ordering Information

To place an order for Cisco SocialMiner software, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.

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