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Accelerate delivery of your Cisco® Prime Service Catalog solution with expert analysis, design, and deployment support.

When requesting IT services, employees are often frustrated when they have to navigate dozens of different web forms, disparate legacy systems, and manual systems. This frustration is greater today because employee expectations are increasingly shaped by their experiences as consumers. As a result, enterprise users demand an intuitive self-service experience for obtaining all types of IT services - from the desktop to the data center.

Users want the ability to request these services with the personalization, flexibility, and self-service they have come to expect as consumers. IT organizations want to be able to standardize, consolidate, and simplify delivery of a wide array of services. The Cisco Prime Service Catalog is a unified self-service portal for ordering any type of IT service. The Plan and Build Service helps you expedite and optimize your catalog deployment, so that your organization can gain the efficiency benefits as quickly as possible.

With Cisco Prime Service Catalog, your IT organization can publish a standardized set of IT services through an online service catalog. The Cisco Prime Service Catalog allows IT organizations to:

   Encourage adoption of standardized options using a menu of choices in an online self-service catalog

   Offer comprehensive services that can cover everything from ordering mobile devices to virtual desktops - to an entire application-development environment in a private cloud

   Provide an intuitive, modern user experience

   Allow IT staff and users to track and manage the lifecycle of each service, from initial request to decommissioning

   Accelerate the delivery of new applications and services for greater workforce productivity

   Track consumption of services to support showback or chargeback, if desired

   Improve visibility into demand to help ensure more accurate capacity planning

Time-to-market pressures can make it difficult for resource-constrained IT departments to design and implement an IT service portal and catalog for managing service requests. The Cisco Prime Service Catalog Plan and Build Service provides expertise, tools, and best practices that help make sure of a successful deployment. It also provides training to allow your staff to confidently add and manage new service offerings as you expand your workplace portal solution.

Solution Overview

Cisco Prime Service Catalog Plan and Build Service provides comprehensive project management, analysis, design, training, and implementation assistance. Cisco experts bring deep expertise in business consulting, system configuration, integration, customization, and ongoing process optimization, as they work with your staff to help make your deployment a success.

Based on your organization’s IT objectives, we first work with your staff to understand your organization’s requirements for IT service management. Cisco experts then develop a strategy and detailed design, including the procedures, configurations, and testing required to deploy and commission your service catalog. Through an iterative process of service content design and prototyping, we install, configure, and test your Cisco Prime Service Catalog solution to help make sure of deployment readiness in your production environment and avoid costly delays.

The Cisco Prime Service Catalog Plan and Build Service engagement (refer to Table 1) guides your team through the development and deployment of your service catalog, using the following elements:

   A best-practice approach that identifies priority IT service content that meets your requirements for cost savings, reductions in cycle time, and improved governance

   Prebuilt service content, based on industry best practices, that accelerates the delivery of standardized self-service content

   Resource models with built-in lifecycle management and integration

   A mature and proven methodology that helps support the success of your deployment

Table 1.       Cisco Prime Service Catalog Plan and Build Phases and Deliverables




  Conduct a discovery workshop
  Analyze business and operational objectives and requirements
  Define workplace portal deployment model and scope
  Develop project plan
  Deliver functional and technical training
  Develop the Cisco Prime Service Catalog architecture


  Develop detailed design and policies for the Cisco Prime Service Catalog
  Install the Cisco Prime Service Catalog foundation in a development environment
  Develop the service content design and prototype
  Design technical components
  Launch design


  Install and configure Cisco Prime Service Catalog
  Design and configure Cisco Prime Service Catalog content
  Implement standard and custom systems integration, which might include:
   Active Directory
   IP address management
   Billing system
   Help desk system
   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
   Single sign-on (SSO)
   Runbook automation system
   Orchestration capabilities and workflows
   Virtualization management system (e.g., VMware)
   Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS ®)
  Implement workflow processes supporting the standard and custom system integrations. For data center services this can include:
   Onboarding a new customer
   Virtual machine management
   IP address management
   Billing record write and verification
   Logging a help desk support issue
  Design and implement service form prefills, validation, and custom business rules
  Design and implement user profile- and organization-mapping attributes
  Support testing activities such as test preparation and installation
  Support production-readiness activities such as production environment installation, training, and documentation
  Support customer launch into production


The Cisco Prime Service Catalog Plan and Build service helps you:

   Accelerate delivery and deployment of your Cisco Prime Service Catalog software

   Reduce deployment costs and risks by using Cisco best practices and proven methodology

   Gain self-sufficiency in maintaining your Cisco Prime Service Catalog

   Achieve a lower total cost of ownership with leading operational practices

   Greatly improve end-user satisfaction with IT services and service delivery

   Standardize IT service offerings for workplace and data center services, improve process efficiency, and reduce the costs of service delivery

   Promote broad user adoption, using Cisco best practices for your portal and service content

Why Cisco Services

Realize the full business value of your technology investments more quickly with intelligent, personalized services from Cisco and our partners. Backed by deep technology expertise and a broad ecosystem of partners, we help you to plan, build, and run your IT infrastructure successfully as a powerful business platform. Whether you want to quickly seize new opportunities to meet rising customer expectations, improve operational efficiency to lower costs, mitigate risk, or accelerate growth, we have a service that can help you.


The Cisco Prime Service Catalog Plan and Build Service is widely accessible. Contact your local Cisco representative for availability in your area.

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