Cisco TelePresence Synch

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Combine Interactive White Boards and Telepresence

Expand educational opportunities and maximize your investment in telepresence and whiteboard technologies with Cisco TelePresence Synch.

This revolutionary technology transparently integrates supported interactive whiteboards with speakers and Cisco TelePresence SX 20 Quick Set, C Series or MXP endpoints. Synch effectively converts a standard interactive whiteboard into a powerful multifunction collaboration tool that brings together live remote experts and classrooms.

Highly Functional Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards increase learner participation and allow students to interact with dynamic content. But in the past, adding a video call was difficult and cumbersome.

Now with Cisco TelePresence Synch, you can add a video call with no loss of functionality on the whiteboard. And you can easily bring in an expert, a remote location, or even another class to the learning experience through telepresence.

Easy Integration with Other Collaboration Tools

Educators and presenters can integrate live telepresence sessions with any collaboration application such as WebEx, running on the presenter or teacher's computer.

With a touch of a finger, Cisco TelePresence Synch automatically calibrates changes in the application windows running on a computer with the whiteboard and the telepresence content. As a result, the entire whiteboard can be used as an integrated display as well as a new way to collaborate.

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Explore Cisco TelePresence

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