Cisco TelePresence Extended Height Carts

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Use TelePresence for a Virtual Learning Environment

Cisco TelePresence Extended Height Carts make it easier to use TelePresence technology for a virtual learning environment. These mobile carts were designed specifically for educational institutions and help you create an immersive collaborative environment wherever it is needed.

Extended Height Carts are available in two models:

The Cisco TelePresence Extended Height Cart for MX200 and MX300

This versatile system helps you incorporate the Cisco TelePresence MX200 or MX300 in a stable framework for easy transport throughout a facility. It features:

  • Integrated column mounting hardware for MX200* and MX300* with no VESA mount required
  • Full UL 60950-1 safety approvals
  • Gas assist lift cylinder for easy height adjustment to include students in the back of classrooms
  • Egress holes in column to simplify cable management
  • Lockable storage shelf to help secure Cisco TelePresence Touch interface, microphone, and XGA cable

Cisco TelePresence Extended Height Cart (Single or Dual Display)

This system is designed for use with Cisco TelePresence System Edge MXP, Integrator Package 6000 MXP, Integrator Package C40, and  Integrator Package C60.

Single or dual plasma monitors create a powerful telepresence setting for classrooms, instruction, or emergency operations. The Cisco Telepresence System Extended Height Cart completes the experience with a best-in-class, CD-quality stereo audio subsystem.

Standard package includes:

  • Single or dual cart with 5-inch locking wheels
  • 58-inch commercial grade 1080p plasma display
  • High-quality audio system speaker bar
  • Integrated cable loom 
  • Flexible PrecisionHD camera mounting (left, center, right)

Flexible configuration options are available. Supplied mounting hardware helps enable easy integration with the following Cisco TelePresence System codecs:*

  • Edge MXP
  • Integrator Package 6000 MXP
  • Integrator Package C40
  • Integrator Package C60

*Codec packages are not included in the price of the cart and must be specified at the time of order. Please reference associated codec data sheets for performance specifications.

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