Cisco Metapod

Public Cloud Experience in a Private Environment

Cisco Metapod delivers a true public cloud experience for users on your premises and behind your firewall. It offers full administrative control. It’s a production-ready, OpenStack-based solution that we engineer, deploy, and remotely operate on your behalf, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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Features and Capabilities

Cisco Metapod is not a traditional OpenStack distribution. Our world-class OpenStack engineering and operations teams have built it for stability, superior performance, and scale.

Features include:

Advanced Operational Support

Our team of cloud experts monitors your environment 24 hours a day, and takes full responsibility for keeping it running all day, every day.

High Availability

Every aspect of the orchestration and controller environment is redundant and built for high availability.

Enhanced Dashboard

Improved user experience, features, and functionality beyond what’s available in OpenStack Horizon.


Tested and supported integration with your existing Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory systems.

OpenStack and Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs

Full support of OpenStack APIs and AWS APIs.

OpenStack Unified Command Line Interface (CLI)

Compatibility with the OpenStack Unified CLI for complete flexibility to manage cloud resources.


Highly secure, multiproject environment to rapidly deploy virtual machine instances.


Support for multi-tenancy, floating IP addresses, security groups, contiguous tenant IP pools, and integrated load balancing.


Flexible, enterprise-grade solutions that support both dynamic and more traditional storage technologies.

Cisco Metapod also supports traditional enterprise storage technologies. Any of our storage options can be dynamically attached over the network to VM instances to deliver a consistent, high-performance, scalable solution.

Specifications at a Glance

Upgrades Automatic. Your end-users won’t even notice.
Security Built-in. Cisco hardened host OS and OpenStack. Audit trails. SSL endpoints. Highly secure Cisco Operations Center. Integration with your internal change control processes.
Location Your internal or co-location data center
Installation Included
Support & Operations 24-hour proactive engineering, operations, and support
Pricing Tiered, volume-based pricing. Priced per socket.

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