Cisco Active Advisor

Simplified Network Discovery and Life Cycle Management

Cisco Active Advisor is a free online service that automates network discovery and analysis of your network inventory.

Available by itself, or as a component of other Cisco network management applications, Cisco Active Advisor reduces the overall risk of your network administration by keeping you up-to-date on:

  • Warranty and service contract status
  • Product advisories, including Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRTs) and field notices
  • End-of-life milestones for hardware and software
Reduce Network Risk

Reduce Network Risk

See how Active Advisor's network analysis helps you with network discovery and life cycle management. (2:39 min)

Free Cloud Service

Free Cloud Service

Save time and money, and improve network health, with Cisco Active Advisor. (PDF - 801 KB)

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Features and Capabilities

Reduce Overall Network Risk

  • Stay updated with essential Cisco product information.
  • See pragmatic notifications about key lifecycle events pertaining to your network inventory
  • Get warned of important issues requiring attention

Save Time and Money

  • Automated network discovery done in minutes
  • Data available shortly after network inventory collection
  • Covers over 500 part numbers(Cisco switches, routers, wireless controllers, and access points), with more being added

Improve with a Network Analysis

  • Understand feature usage of network inventory
  • Get a personalized device health score: Compare your network configuration with our recommended best practices

Always Available and Supported

  • Online service, accessed through a web browser
  • Nothing to install
  • Highly secure service, network discovery completed locally

Specifications at a Glance

Description Requirements
Browser All latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer
OS Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac
Java Version Java 7.0 and above

Mac users: We recommend you scan with Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. All details are shown in Chrome as well.
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