Cisco AVS 3180 Management Station

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Simplify Management Tasks

An integral component of the Cisco AVS 3100 Series of application velocity systems, the Cisco AVS 3180 Management Station provides Web-based tools for configuration and application performance monitoring, significantly easing management tasks.

Delivered in an appliance form factor, the Cisco AVS 3180 addresses the needs of both small- and large-scale Cisco AVS 3100 Series deployments by helping to protect productivity gains and reduce operating costs. It provides a comprehensive solution that ties separate Cisco AVS 3110 and 3120 appliances into a single, secure acceleration and performance monitoring node.

Capabilities for Application Acceleration

The Cisco AVS 3180 enables customers to deploy application acceleration infrastructures in small and large environments, using the following powerful features:

  • Define a common configuration for a cluster of Cisco AVS 3110s and 3120s and enable per-node override of specific configurations
  • Easily and automatically replicate configuration data to a cluster of Cisco AVS 3110s and 3120s
  • Aggregate application performance data across a cluster of Cisco AVS 3110s and 3120s
  • Provide support for multiple URLs and domains, enabling multiple applications to be handled simultaneously
  • Provide graphical reports that enable IT personnel to easily quantify Cisco AVS 3110 and 3120-enabled bandwidth usage reductions and throughput

AppScope End-User Performance

Running on the Cisco AVS 3180 Management Station appliance is the Cisco AVS AppScope Monitor (AppScope) management client and database. AppScope is the industry's only agentless, end-to-end application performance measurement solution. Accordingly, AppScope obtains performance data by polling performance measurement data from one or more Cisco AVS 3110 or 3120 appliances and aggregating that data into a single application view.

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