Cisco AVS 3120 Application Velocity System

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Comprehensive Web Application Optimization and Security

The Cisco AVS 3120 Application Velocity System is a complete enterprise application delivery solution for all enterprise Web applications that is designed to accelerate the application experience for all users, whether they are in the office or on the road. An enterprise data center appliance for improving Web application performance, the Cisco AVS 3120 also enforces application security with an integrated Web application firewall.

The Cisco AVS 3120 offers the industry's best set of optimizations that mitigate network latency, reduce bandwidth requirements, and offload servers. These optimizations have an immediate effect on applications and integrate smoothly with any Web front end without requiring changes to applications, servers, desktops, or remote clients. Cisco AVS 3120 appliances can be rapidly deployed in any environment and can uniquely control and optimize content delivery at the application layer (Layer 7 of the OSI model).

The AVS 3120 implements full bidirectional deep-inspection technology to thwart hackers. Firewall protection begins with a Website cloaking feature that reduces the risk of attack by hiding details of back-end application resources. The AVS 3120 enforces a positive security model to help ensure that applications are used only in the manner intended by the developer, effectively thwarting forms tampering and cookie tampering. Using a granular rules-based mechanism, the AVS 3120 blocks malicious code from entering form fields, stopping SQL injection, command injection, and other forms of malicious input.

Important Functions

  • Network latency mitigation: Using patented techniques such as Flash Forwarding and Smart Redirect, the Cisco AVS 3120 reduces the latency at which a client accesses an application—one of the largest network bottlenecks. By transforming the browser’s own cache into a dynamic “engine,” the AVS 3120 significantly reduces the amount of data required to complete a page load or transaction by reducing the overall number of network roundtrips required. This typically results in a 200 to 500 percent improvement in response times for the client.
  • Bandwidth reduction: The Application Accelerator Module helps your company realize a 70 to 90 percent typical reduction in bandwidth usage. The result is a dramatic reduction in bandwidth costs, a delay or elimination of network upgrade expenses, and an overall improved end-user experience.
  • Server CPU offload: With the Application Accelerator Module, your organization can obtain up to an 80 percent typical reduction in server cycles, greatly increasing the effective capacity in your data center. In addition to better overall performance, you can also delay or reduce server purchases and minimize application licenses.
  • Web application firewall: The Cisco AVS 3120 web application firewall enables IT professionals to comprehensively secure high-value applications in the data center. It secures mission-critical applications and protects against identity theft, data theft, application disruption and fraud and defending web-based applications and transactions from targeted attacks by professional hackers.

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