Cisco AVS 3110 Application Velocity System

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Cisco AVS 3110 Application Velocity System

Cisco AVS 3110 Application Velocity System

The Cisco AVS 3110 Application Velocity System is an enterprise data-center appliance for improving HTML- and XML-based application performance, measuring end-user response time, and managing application security. It is a complete enterprise application delivery solution for all Web-based (HTTP/HTTPS) HTML and XML enterprise applications. The Cisco AVS 3110 offers the industry's best set of optimizations that mitigate network latency, reduce bandwidth requirements, and offload servers. The optimizations have an immediate impact on any application and integrate smoothly with any Web front end. Configuration flexibility is assured with detailed rules-based control, prebuilt application templates, and comprehensive best practices. No changes to applications, desktops, or servers are required. Cisco AVS 3110 appliances can be rapidly deployed in any environment and uniquely optimize, accelerate, and secure application delivery.

Network Latency Mitigation

Using patented techniques such as FlashForward and Smart Redirect, Cisco AVS 3110 systems can perform user requests at high LAN speeds instead of WAN speeds, which are prone to latency. This typically results in a 200 to 500 percent improvement in responses times.

Bandwidth Reduction

The Cisco AVS 3110 enables your company to realize a 70 to 90 percent typical reduction in bandwidth usage. The result is a dramatic reduction in bandwidth costs, a delay or elimination of network upgrade expenses, and an overall improved end-user experience.

Server Offload

With the Cisco AVS 3110, your organization can obtain 80 percent typical reduction in server cycles, greatly increasing the effective capacity in your data center. And in addition to better overall performance, you can also delay or reduce server purchases and minimize application licenses.

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