Bring Processes, People, and Systems Together on a Cloud-Based Unified Platform

B2B boundaries are expanding fast and you are working with an ecosystem of customers, suppliers, distributors, value chain partners, and employees. It's a complex mix of systems, records, identities, security policies, and user interfaces. How can you securely connect everyone to the data, applications, processes, and people needed to do business? Set up, deliver, and automate new services to get to market faster? And orchestrate and extend IT services to everyone that needs them?

Cisco Service Exchange Platform (SXP) is the B2B monetization and orchestration platform that connects applications, data, people, and processes quickly and securely, from anyone to anywhere. It's designed to span today's large, distributed B2B ecosystems and to unify every participant on a secure, enterprise-grade cloud.

Unlike other custom solutions that can only manage B2C or internal enterprise services, Cisco SXP is designed to completely span today's complex B2B ecosystems.

Connect, Configure, and Innovate

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Benefits and Capabilities

Shortens time to market to boost competitiveness and agility

  • Power rapid product and service offer creation and automated order orchestration
  • Develop and deploy services and applications in minutes not months
  • Enable self-service access to IT
  • Support compliant collaboration across partners

Enables multi-faceted new business models and revenue streams

  • Reimagine delivery of IT services
  • Bring buyers and sellers together in marketplace exchanges
  • Gain visibility and control over transactions and processes across the value chain

Delivers personalized user experiences

  • Employ a portal and API interfaces to support secure B2B interaction and enhanced collaboration
  • Provide fast, convenient access to services and applications
  • Support role and process-based, context-aware security
  • Single, consistent customer experience across devices, locations, and systems

Unleashes cost efficiencies

  • Optimize asset utilization, improve productivity
  • Automate to streamline operations and workflows
  • Minimize manufacturing downtime with improved visibility and proactive maintenance

Cisco SXP Key Benefits

  • Shortens time to market by enabling enterprises to develop and deliver new applications and services in minutes instead of days or months, to boost competitiveness and agility
  • Enables new business models and revenue streams, including marketplaces to bring buyers and sellers together to browse catalogs, buy services, externalize consumer services, and drive monetization
  • Delivers personalized user experiences that support secure B2B interactions, enhanced collaboration, and context-aware security that’s aligned to roles and processes
  • Drives cost savings by delivering new and existing business processes faster and more efficiently than traditional IT or web platforms

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