This page contains information about system requirements and known limitations for large file uploads through TSRT.

Minimum System Requirements



Additional Requirements

ACL / Applet Access

Known Limitations

As of Match 7th, 2010

Non-Java Option

Customers who cannot use Java applets can continue to use email to send files less than 20 MB in size, or use the other methods to transfer files that they have used in the past. This enhancement to TSRT does not remove any other available options; TSRT adds a new option with enhanced security and no effective size limitations.

To send an attachment via email, the subject line must include the Service Request number (e.g. SUBJECT = SR xxxxxxxxx) and address the email to

Authentication Proxy Firewalls

Customers who are behind an authentication proxy firewall cannot use the Java upload tool as the Java applets will not load in their browser. For files less than 20 MB in size, please use the Non-Java Option. For files larger than 20 MB in size, please contact your case representative for alternate options.

For additional information regarding Uploading Files for a Support Case, know your options.

Resume Timeout

If an upload is temporarily interrupted due to loss of connectivity, the session resumes within 20 minutes, so long as the browser and Java applet are not closed.

Comments for TAC

Customers cannot use specials characters (such as the % sign) in the comments for TAC field, or the file upload will fail.