set failover timeout

To configure the availability time before the system resumes use of a recovered primary interface, use the set failover timeout command.

set failover timeout timeout

Syntax Description


Number of seconds that the recovered interface must be available before it can be used.

Command Default

The failover timeout is 5 seconds.

Command Modes

Ethernet adapter policy (/org/eth-policy)

Command History

Release Modification


This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

After the primary interface of a vNIC has recovered from a failure, the system waits the duration of the failover timeout before switching back from the secondary interface to the primary interface. Use this command to set the failover timeout, specifying how long the primary interface must be available before the system resumes using the primary interface. Enter a number of seconds between 0 and 600.


This example shows how to configure a 60 second failover timeout for an Ethernet policy:

switch-A# scope org
switch-A /org # enter eth-policy EthPolicy19
switch-A /org/eth-policy # set failover timeout 60
switch-A /org/eth-policy* # commit-buffer
switch-A /org/eth-policy #

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