Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Building a Smarter Infrastructure

Intelligent transportation networks help enable informed decision making.

Building a Smarter Infrastructure

Cisco intelligent and converged networks are forming the foundation for new infrastructures of connected roads, rails, airports and ports being built all around the world. Improving global transportation systems increases mobility and improves safety for millions of people, in an environmentally conscious manner. Smart parking, traffic signals that adapt to real-time conditions, and roads that sense the surrounding environment are becoming more common place.

By moving programs and systems that use a lot of computing power into the cloud, transportation providers can simplify their IT infrastructures. This transformation facilitates new ways of communicating and collaborating while managing costs.

Trends behind this transformation include:

  • Heightened safety focus to save more lives
  • Easing traffic congestion to saves billions of wasted hours and dollars
  • Environmental awareness for cleaner air and a smaller carbon footprint
  • Meeting mandates and reducing trade barriers to positively impact economies
  • Offering new services to generate additional revenue


Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router

This Cisco machine-to-machine gateway connects networks in even the harshest outdoor environments. It is designed to withstand the shock and vibration typical in the transportation industry.

Cisco IE 2000 and 3000 Series Switches

Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) 2000 and 3000 Switches provide a rugged, highly secure infrastructure. With open standards-based security, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and industrial design and compliance, they are ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Points

Built on Cisco CleanAir technology, these are the first 802.11n access points to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network.

Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras

Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras are high definition (HD) with an open, standards-based design. The cameras provide an ideal platform for operation as independent devices or as part of a Cisco Video Surveillance Network.

Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS)

A complete suite of P25LTE Multivendor, interoperable communication solutions for dispatch centers and operations in the transportation, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, public safety and education markets.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences solution is built on location intelligence from the Cisco Wi-Fi network and Mobility Services Engine. It can help transportation organizations increase efficiency with passenger location tracking, and boost satisfaction with location-enabled mobile applications.