Delivering Intelligence to RFID Networks

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is on the verge of revolutionizing supply-chain operations. With a solid networking infrastructure in place, retailers are well-positioned to successfully deploy RFID and begin reaping its benefits quickly.

RFID technology gives retailers end-to-end product visibility, helping them to reduce costs significantly and differentiate themselves from competitors. With support from major companies including IBM, Wal-Mart, and Procter & Gamble, it's clear that RFID is gaining momentum. Still, the technology is still maturing and most deployments are in the pilot phase. Companies are currently learning about RFID, identifying its benefits, and evaluating the funding challenges and required business-process changes.

The Intelligent Foundation for RFID Networks

Cisco optimizes RFID deployments with industry-leading product and service offerings designed to take advantage of all the capabilities of RFID technologies and integrate directly with your core network, minimizing disruption to your business and simplifying administration of RFID operations.
Cisco Systems RFID Solution Overview (PDF - 289 KB)

Cisco Application-Oriented Networking for RFID

Cisco AON incorporates RFID infrastructure functionality into the network to lower the cost and complexity of deployments, enable intelligent RFID processing at the network edge, and optimize RFID event capture, filtering, and routing. Read Solution Overview

Asset Tracking Simplified

Cisco Wireless Location Service tracks high-value assets with the industry's first location solution that simultaneously tracks thousands of active RFID and Wi-Fi devices from directly within the wireless LAN infrastructure. Read Data Sheet

Cisco Services for RFID

Cisco applies a unique systems perspective to RFID deployments, using its deep understanding of network architectures with application-layer expertise to assess of the impact of RFID on your network as well as guide you through pilot programs and production rollouts. Read Data Sheet (PDF - 75.3 KB)

Cisco Wireless Location Planning and Design Services

Cisco can work with your organization to assess your physical environment, identify your wireless coverage needs, and help you plan your wireless LAN integration with active RFID devices to deliver secure wireless access. Read Services Overview (PDF - 54.3 KB)

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Information about Cisco RFID partners is available from the Cisco Technology Developer Program

September 2005